Wholesale • Agreement

Wholesale Agreement

Quality and customer experience :: The flowtoys brand is known for:

  • quality
  • innovation
  • beauty
  • conscious design
  • excellent customer care
  • solid lifetime warranty

Maintaining these qualities is important for our customers and the value of the flowtoys brand.

To maintain these qualities and our ability to fairly and effectively serve all our wholesalers, we have the following policies:

  • List price: No resellers may list a retail price less than the MSRP, our listed web retail pricing. You are welcome to sell at a higher price to account for additional costs, e.g. duties, VAT, international shipping.

  • Product descriptions: Product descriptions must be accurate and may not misrepresent the product or make false claims. You are welcome to use our media and descriptions for your promotions, but please do NOT simply cut and paste information from our site, especially where pronouns are concerned/ please do not have descriptions indicating that you or your shop created/produced a flowtoys product. The flowtoys brand is part of the value of the product, and attribution should be clear on the product page.

  • Unauthorized modifications: We do not permit unauthorized modifications or additions to our products. If you are considering offering flowtoys with your own handles, leashes, lights, housings etc., please contact us - we will consider it. If you offer authorized modified products, it should be clear to your customer which parts come from flowtoys, and which parts are modified.

  • Honest offerings: You may not claim to offer, or allow pre-sale purchasing of products that are not yet available for wholesale, or list products that have been discontinued or that you do not have in stock.

  • Flowtoys trademarks & copyrights: All trademarks, trade names, logos, copyrights, registrations, and icons are proprietary to flowtoys. The wholesale agreement is not a license or right to use any trademark displayed on this website without the written permission of flowtoys.

  • Brand confusion: We are excited for you to offer flowtoys to your community and the markets you reach. However it must be clear that there is no brand confusion - your shop is your brand. Please do not make your shop look like the flowtoys brand.

  • Distribution: You may not sell to other resellers without authorization from flowtoys. Among other reasons, we need to keep flowtoys users and resellers abreast of product, warranty and firmware updates, pricing changes, and ensure brand consistency.

  • Third party sites: You may not sell flowtoys on third party sites such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc.