making the inc. 5000 with slow, conscious growth

YES we made the inc. 5000! Yet somehow I feel like an impostor.

Flowtoys, with an 86% growth rate from 2012-2014, ranked 3626 in the Inc’s 2015 list of fastest-growing private companies in America. We are 168th in our industry, 523rd the State, 118th in our Metro Area. Really though, what do any of these stats mean?

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podpoi durability – the story

Podpoi are known to be extremely durable. During beta-testing, we tried repeatedly to destroy them and found it quite difficult. A roomful of beefy boys took about 45 minutes of repeated smashing before it finally stopped working. We were quite excited and wanted to release a durability video shortly after the product launch.

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the joy of poi: creating content that tells us why

This year I undertook a personal challenge to present poi as an activity that brings joy.

Why? Because it is true, and because there is power to that truth. Power in personal evolution, to bring people together, create new social and neural connections, power to heal and grow, and to bring pure and simple *joy*.

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flowtoys reinvents the lightbulb

Flowtoys Special Event: 31 March 2015, Emeryville, CA
(Crowd murmurings and then applause as Sean appears on stage)

Sean von Stade:  Hey thanks for being here. (Loud applause)

It’s great to see y’all today.


​Sean: A quick update. We’ve sold our 500,000,000th podpoi last week. Half a billion podpoi. That’s a lot of poi. 

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delivering the magic: unpacking the mysteries of shipping & handling

It’s been 10 years since we first determined our fulfillment, shipping and handling structure. This post reveals lessons learned, the why behind our decisions, and why we are restructuring handling fees in our customers’ favor.

Fulfillment is an essential function of all e-commerce enterprises. While it doesn’t have the shiny appeal of designing products or marketing, it is the strong and silent personality that delivers the promise.

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were we this dorky?

It’s throwback Thursday! Found these dorky pics of Sean and I when we performed at a new year’s party in LA. Also found this pretty sweet pic of when we performed with Banyan and Spiral in HongKong. Good times – we look so young and dashing 😉

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get some this valentine’s day

It’s throwback Thursday! Just unearthed this gem of a video that our staff did while we were out of town 2 years ago. It’s brilliant, and clearly illustrates how one can “get some” with flowtoys 😉 Enjoy!

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office chairs: unlocking potential

Sean has a thing for office chairs. There are over 30 of them at the flowspace – there were possibly over 50 at some point – and he is proud to admit that he has never bought any of them.

In our realm of material possessions, we consign office chairs to being our functional, 8-hour/day penitentiaries that provide questionable lumbar support.

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Flowtoys is ten years young!

Thank YOU
Our deepest gratitude to you from the bottom of our hearts. It would be cheesy to say we couldn’t have done it without you. But y’all know, we love cheese – and really, we couldn’t have done it without you.

And to think that Flowtoys started because Sean built some cool glow props for himself, and all of YOU kept asking him to make more.

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To the illuminated mind, the whole world sparkles with light.
Ralph Waldo Emerson


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