Don’t blind your friends! :)

Flowtoys co-founder Sean von Stade loves his wheels - bikes, skates, electric unicycles, you name it. He also loves beautiful lighting. 

Sean and our daughter Kiro were riding their EUCs all over Oregon Country Fair, and after the first night, he realized they needed a headlight solution that didn’t suck for everyone else, and didn’t kill their own night-vision and vibe. 

He did a bunch of searching and product testing, figured out some fairly optimized options for under $40, and is sharing his findings with y'all below:


Cheap, adjustable, clamp-on headlight options for your bikes, electric unicyles, and PEVs! 

I’ve found 2 great options for festival-appropriate PEV headlights and hope this info will improve your festivals for years to come:


  • Option #1: an amber flashlight with double-clamp mount.
  • Option #2 if you’re vehicle has USB power on-board: a “sunset lamp” with ball-clamp.

Our EUCs had USB jacks, so I rigged some “sunset” lamps I had to them and it was sooo good! Bright enough for navigation at decent speeds, adjustable and focused enough to stay out of people’s eyes.

They have a very clean beam edge, so you can set the edge as high as people’s chests and still not glare in their eyes! Though I would aim below the waist to be extra-friendly, especially if you’re not riding fast and needing a far-reaching beam.

Most EUCs do not have a USB port, so unless you want to add a battery bank for other reasons, this amber flashlight with adjustable focus is bright enough and has a lovely amber color, though it lacks the red to yellow gradient of a sunset lamp.

Mount any flashlight (or other object) with this sturdy plastic dual-ball clamp that has no sharp edges and should fit any handle.


I have bought and tested LOTS of sunset lamps. Many are terrible and not what is pictured. 

This is a great simple sunset lamp. Good color gradient, bright, brightness adjust, plastic lens (lighter, slimmer (higher refractive index), and won’t break). Most of these lamps now have RGB and remote and bluetooth options I find these more of a hassle than anything. It really sucks to be messing with your light modes when you wanna ride. Note that this one does NOT remember its setting between power cycle. You must press the button to turn it on every time, not recommended for home lighting with automation, switch or motion sensor, but I could not find a decent one that does and doesn’t have other drawbacks for use as a PEV/EUC light.

I love this adjustable ball-clamp with 1/4” thread for the sunset lamp (or camera etc.) it is lightweight and compact but sturdy enough for this purpose, has a wide and stable grip, no sharp edges, fits all handles, and very solid angle adjustment.



If you don’t have a sunset lamp for your home yet, it’s wonderful! They draw so little power you can just leave them, or use a USB motion-sensor like I do for perfect mood light in every room, always! There’s lots of fancy color-changing app-enabled one etc, but make sure it remembers its setting when using a motion sensor or switch... I’d recommend a simple one like this  (I have 5 of them). Here are my recs for:

Happy lighting up your life and the lives of those around you!