toys for flow

Welcome to the world's favorite illuminated flow arts & juggling props! Durable, rechargeable with a lifetime warranty, flowtoys are made for beginner spinners and professional performers alike.

We use what we make, and make them because we love to use them - so you can be assured of the highest quality materials and construction. Looking for the perfect poi to start your practice, or high-performance staffs for your Cirque gig? The toys below can help you find your flow.

toys for flow

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  • poi

    podpoi * contact poi * day poi * all poi

    Flowtoys produces a range of poi to suit every spinner's style with a focus on amazing LED poi.

    When in doubt, get podpoi!
    Podpoi are the world's favorite glow poi for good reasons :) Bright & beautiful with many customizable modes, soft & cushy on impact, and now with wireless control. 

    Prefer glowsticking-style lightweight poi?
    Crystal poi lite are our lightest poi rigs and designed for glowstring-style poi.

    Just starting out, or not ready to splurge on LED poi?
    Fuzzy poi & glitterbombs are great beginner practice poi

    All flowtoys LED light units are bright, customizable, rechargeable and come with a lifetime warranty. Plus they are interchangeable and compatible with many flowtoys staffs, martial arts props & more.

  • staffs & batons

    LED staffs :: contact staffs * twirling batons * juggling staffs * dragon staffs

    There's nothing like spinning a stick around! Play, twirl, juggle, martial arts, contact - we offer a variety of styles, colors, lengths, weight and grip options, and are happy to provide you with the perfect staffs for your needs.

    Flowtoys composite staffs were the first to bring high performance carbon fiber shafts to staff manipulation, enabling you to have thin and lightweight staffs that are also strong and rigid - epic. Available in contact staffs, dragon staffs, juggling staffs and twirling batons.

    Versatile collapsible glow staffs enable you to break down your staffs for travel and convenience, and to mix and match parts to create a variety of props.

    If you want a specific staff or baton that you don't find here, feel free to email us at orders (at) with your custom order.

    batons, contact & dragon staffs

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  • juggling

    LED juggling clubs * juggling staffs * flower sticks * iso-hoops

    Juggling is fun, engaging and challenging, which gives rise to opportunities for flow!

    The new vision clubs are the hottest clubs available - next level juggling clubs with many amazing adjustable modes, wireless connectivity and designed to handle like Henrys pirouettes even with all the electronics. 

    Flowtoys LED flower sticks, juggling poi & staffs, and rhythmic gymnastic clubs use ultra-light carbon fiber shafts, 3D-printed compression connectors, and the versatile capsule light to bring you superior equipment.

    juggle flow

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  • toroflux®


    Welcome to the original toroflux

    A mesmerizing kinetic sculpture and a fun interactive "flow toy" that's like a 4th dimensional "slinky". Folds flat and pops open, surprising everyone. Comes with a carrying bag, so you can bring it everywhere to share and spread the fun :) 

    Get a multipack to share with your friends and family - 6 for the price of 5 - everyone loves them!

    Get your genuine toroflux from Flowtoys - don't be fooled by imitators!


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  • pixelwhips

    fiberflies pixelwhips

    Presenting PixelWhips made by our friends at Fiberflies! Like so many light-effects, the pictures and videos here are only a hint of how amazing these fiber optic dance whips look. You have to play with them to get the full experience!

    Pixelwhips create a multi dimensional light show, sensually snaking and dancing across your body while simultaneously enveloping you in a cloud of playful pixie points of light. They are so fun to dance with - perfect for parties,  raves, and festivals. Plus they double up as light-up costume accessories.

    Speaking of doubling up, 2 pixelwhips are more fun than one, and we have a double pixelwhip special with a free power pack, so you can charge your whips and your phone when you're out and about.


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  • day props

    daytime poi & staffs * silk fans, flags & darts * toroflux * windsingers * mini-hoops & more

    We are stoked to bring you an expanding line of inspiring day props to help you find your flow. You don't need to wait for sunset to start playing and practicing. Flowtoys day props are custom designed to surround you with rainbows, glittering light and playful joy under the sun. 

    Fuzzy poi & exclusive glitterbomb contact poi
    Joyful rainbow fuzzy poi are the perfect way to begin any poi journey, while custom exclusive glitterbomb contact poi sparkle like no other.

    Fans, flags and ribbons
    We currently offer 2 sets of beautiful handmade silk flags, and will be adding silk fans and rainbow ribbons soon. Stay tuned!

    Discounted day prop bundles
    Not nocturnal? No worries - you can play all day and save with these discounted bundles of daytime flowtoys.

  • vision props - beta

    Welcome to flowtoys vision props beta!

    What it means to be in beta:

    • modes are still being developed for each beta prop
    • documentation is still not developed
    • we'll invite your feedback through surveys
    • we might make some updates to the hardware
    • you will be able to update firmware via usb 
    • we'll make sure your betas work as the official release does

    Flowtoys connect technology was first launched in mid-2018 with capsule 2.0 and vision juggling clubs. We made a significant firmware update end 2018, shortly before releasing vision poi, vision chucks and vision staffs. Flowtoys connect uses a custom RF module and a lot of sweet tech that enable them to connect to and control each other, opening up many possibilities for new interactions and prop intelligence.

    Many thanks for your support - we look forward to creating the future with YOU!