Flowtoys contests are designed to encourage participants to reflect on their flow and juggling experience, to share their stories and inspire the world.

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win $25 flowtoys gift card every month

We love your social media posts! We love seeing you deep in your practice, getting your ya-yas out with your flowtoys, using your podlights for camping - all of it!

And now we'd love to award a post a month with a $25 flowtoys gift card for use on - this can apply to everything on the site, including vision props.

All you have to do is:

  • post a pic or video of you + flowtoys to Facebook or Instagram
  • tag #lovemyflowtoys
  • allow flowtoys to repost, share or use your photo

We will select a post every month and award the winning entry with a $25 flowtoys gift card. Can't wait to see your shares!