Meet The Flowtoys Crew

Meet the Creators

  • Sean von Stade
  • Prisna Nuengsigkapian
  • Sean von Stade

    Chief Toymaker & Jig Builder

    Sean has been working with his hands and building stuff ever since he was 6 years old when his dad helped him open an old telephone to see its inner workings. Since moving to California he has worked construction, exhibit maintenance at the Exploratorium Science Museum, technical direction at a multimedia event production company and as a part-time professional handyman. His most complex and interesting works have been for artistic installations and personal projects.

    After a life-long interest in physical activities like martial arts and extreme sports, Sean finally found the perfect activity to fill his need for physical expression in 1997 when he discovered fire dancing at a music festival in South Africa. During his travels, he created a modular breakdown multi-purpose travel staff that served as a single staff, double staves, clubs and poi, enabling him to play, practice and entertain wherever he went. Sean found that illuminating his tools provided a key motivation for movement. Recognizing that fire was naturally prohibitive in many ways and did not last long enough for really getting into the flow, he applied his electrical and engineering skills to develop a safe, convenient and long-lasting alternative. After 5 years of part-time tinkering and involvement with various other projects, the flowtoys modular system was born. When he determined that the only way to make what he wanted required parts made in the thousands, Sean's entrepreneurial spirit came into full force and with the generous support of his then soon-to-be wife Prisna, and the encouragement of his family and friends, flowtoys sprang to life.

    Sean enjoys nothing more than improving things and developing tools to fill people's needs (except maybe dancing with his two 4' flowstaffs). As the current line of flowtoys products becomes more dialed in, he looks forward to bringing new products to market and spending more time developing and designing custom items and consulting on projects.

Meet the Elves

  • Savanna Breese
  • Erol Efendioglu
  • Tim Chow
  • Samwise Clark
  • Caio Hamon
  • Brian Thompson
  • Dyami Kaplan
  • Chris "Chachi" McCumber
  • Ira Hyder
  • Raphael Angeles
  • Savanna Breese

    Operations Manager

    Homegrown in the Bay Area, Savvy has bounced around Northern Cali until finally settling in San Francisco at the beginning of 2009. Upon finding herself in the middle of that big little city, she stumbled into a house full of artists while pursuing a cute boy. He turned out to be an awesome friend, and she found a couple of poi artists - with some graffiti and sculpture going on as well. She watched them play, paint and burn, and did her best to keep themselves from lighting themselves on fire for a couple years. In 2010 she finally found her way to Burning Man. She saw that poi was not the ONLY tool for flow, and was enthralled by the double staves. She made a set out of some dowels and bike tubes as soon as she got home.

    In flow, she felt like she was at home. She could move however she wanted, make all the pretty patterns, feel her breath, her body, her soul reflected back at her in every movement. She decided this practice was something she could play with for a lifetime. She finally leveled up and bought some glow doubles from Sean in 2011. Shortly after that she had a friend of a friend make her some fire staves the morning after a crazy party in Santa Barbara. Since then she's been playing with lights, and fire and dancing at every opportunity.

    When asked if interested in working for Flowtoys at the turn of 2013, all that she could think was DUH!!!!!. Sean and Prisna reached out not terribly long after (though it did feel like forever) and the next thing she knew she was the warranty elf. Once she was able to keep her head above water at the office, they let her start bringing her dog (Shenko) to work. Shenko now runs the whole place with Kiro - they are a dangerous pair.

    Now Sav helps flowsters figure out whats wrong with their stuff. And sends them new stuff when they need it. And generally does her best to make their days awesome whenever possible. =-D