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Flowtoys produces a range of poi to suit every spinner's style with a focus on amazing LED poi.

When in doubt, get podpoi!
Podpoi are the world's favorite glow poi for good reasons :) Bright & beautiful with many customizable modes, soft & cushy on impact, and now with wireless control. 

Prefer glowsticking-style lightweight poi?
Crystal poi lite are our lightest, most affordable LED poi rigs and designed for glowstring-style poi. Vision sticks are the most coveted top-of-the-line LED glowsticks.

Just starting out, or not ready to splurge on LED poi?
Fuzzy poi & glitterbombs are great beginner practice poi

All flowtoys LED light units are bright, customizable, rechargeable and come with a lifetime warranty. Plus they are interchangeable and compatible with many flowtoys staffs, martial arts props & more.

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