flowleash plus (pair)

flowleash plus (pair)

Are you ready for the world's smoothest orbitals? Flowleash plus come with buttery-smooth solid stainless steel swivels.

Truly solid stainless steel swivels are hard to find. Extensive testing has shown that most suppliers and manufacturers give mis-information and most "stainless steel" swivels are not 100%. We spent months tracking them down, and now we're making them available to you!

Available with braided smithy 6mm cord with optional washer & knot melt ending for podpoi / capsule-based poi. 

Sold as a pair.

What You'll Get

Each pair of flowleash plus comes with:

  • 1x pair of leashes with 6mm smithy cord
  • 2x truly solid stainless steel swivels
  • hand-made flowloop handles for comfy & snug butterfly grip
Features & Tech Specs


  • truly solid stainless steel swivels with buttery smooth rotation for perfect orbitals
  • classic hand-made flowloop handles - super soft, super comfy, and perfect for a good butterfly grip
  • quick & easy installation for podpoi with optional washer finish

Why Stainless?

In addition to being far more durable for demanding applications like our capsule-handles, these swivels spin like a hot top on butter, and enable you to experience the smoothest orbitals on the planet. You have to feel them to believe how smooth your spinning can be!


Leash Type

If you are getting leashes for podpoi, please select the appropriate leash finish. These leashes will have a washer attached. 

If you are using for other poi, the washer will not be appropriate.

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