FPC conversion kit

FPC conversion kit

Want to convert your flowmoja, podpoi or vision poi to FPC? Get a FPC conversion kit for your rig!

Depending on your poi rig, the kits come with different parts - please see images for details.

Sold as a pair.

1 week lead time: We have a handful ready-to-ship, but after they're sold out, they others have to be made. Conversion kits are currently handmade in small batches. Even if you choose Express shipping, your kits may not leave our factory until a week after you place your order. If you are in a rush, please contact us or write your desired receiving date in the Customer Notes during checkout. We'll do our best to make magic happen for you.


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What You'll Get

What you'll need to do to make the swap:

Flowmoja and podpoi: FPC is 10mm and your standard capsule shell's leash hole is for 6mm cord, so we drill it out to be able to fit FPC. You'll want to swap out the electronics from your existing capsules to the modified capsule shell in the conversion kit. Open your existing capsule shell and remove the board and battery. Grip the sides of the button board to wiggle it out of the shell. It might be hard, but the rest will follow. Install it in the modified capsule shell and assemble the rest of your rig. These kits come with 3D-printed air knobs designed for 10mm cord, as the play knobs in standard podpoi and flowmoja are made for smaller leashes. 

Vision poi: If you have vision poi, you'll just need to swap the cord connectors. These kits come with 3D-printed air knobs designed for 10mm cord, as the play knobs in standard vision poi are made for smaller 6mm leashes. 

Want heavier knobs? Get knob washer kit.

What is FPC?

If you're into tech or contact poi, you’ve probably heard of VPC (Vectran®-Polyolefin Core), or “Willow rope" - the boating rope that Willow Solow introduced to the world of poi, and that many serious poi spinners consider the absolute best leash for poi for many good reasons. However the vectran core doesn’t melt, so it’s a PITA to make and adjust your leash. You can't just cut and melt it. VPC requires epoxy for a good finish, which is messy and difficult to work with. While the low-stretch of vectran is important when attached to a sailboat, your poi aren’t going to come close to stretching a rope this thick. 

We asked many poi spinners what their ideal rope was, and people said they loved VPC, but did not like how cumbersome it was to cut and finish. So we contacted the manufacturer of VPC and asked them to custom make FPC. FPC feels and handles exactly like VPC, but you can simply cut and melt the ends to finish. A much nicer experience!

Note: FPC (like VPC) can shrink up to 4cm (1.5”), though probably less than that, and usually in the first few months of use. The shrinkage is due to the internal fibers shifting until they settle into a more stable state. We recommend you start with 1" longer than you’re ideal length.

Features & Tech Specs

Poi length

Conversion kit - flowmoja = ~25” [~21” leash + umoja]
Conversion kit - podpoi = ~25” [~21” leash + pod]
Conversion kit - vision poi = ~25” [~18” leash + spin9 head]

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