Flowtoys :: we envision an illuminated world

Flowtoys produces quality flow arts and juggling props to enable the positive effects they have on life and the world.

Creators of the first rechargeable LED glowstick, innovators of the levitation wand dance, and producers of the world’s favorite glow poi, batons, juggling clubs, and LED martial arts props, flowtoys has been a pioneer in producing glow toys loved for play, practice, parties and performance since 2005.

Our Vision and Mission

We envision a world illuminated by people, purpose and products that make life happier, healthier and more radiant.

Our mission is to provide quality, inspiring equipment and services to inspire an illuminated lifestyle, and the growth of the flow arts and the positive effects they have on life and the world. Excellent customer service and our “forever flow” lifetime warranty ensure that your flowtoys are a lasting investment.

We seek to inspire personal growth, creative expression and optimal experience through play and exploration of movement. Our toys have given us a means of getting into our bodies, a way to play as adults, enhancing awareness of our surroundings and stretching our physical and mental limits. They have provided countless people with a path for meditation through movement, epic moments of discovery and fun, a fulfilling hobby, and wonderful communities of friends and family around the world.

We wish to share these life-enhancing experiences, and provide you with quality props and amazing support to explore the realms of flow.

Our Commitment to the World We Love


This world rocks - let's leave it better

We think this world rocks. We want to help illuminate it, and create opportunities for meaningful interactions and transformation. We also want to participate in its stewardship, and are aware of the positive and less than positive impacts of bringing new products into our planet.

While creating joy, enhancing awareness of people’s bodies and expanding their minds, we recognize that we expend resources in the production of our toys – renewables and non-renewables alike. Much like life, it is practically impossible to evolve and experience this world without leaving an ecological footprint.

However we can do our collective best to reduce that footprint and minimize our resource use, while optimizing our happiness, embracing learning opportunities and enjoying this incredible journey called life.

Our Design Values

  • Performance: The primary purpose of a flowtoy is to serve you. We consider and balance comfort, weight-distribution, performance handling and "feel", aesthetics and user interface to provide you an optimal experience.
  • Customizable: The ability to choose and/or adjust the length, weight and colors of your flowtoys to fit your body and movement style are factored into all flowtoys.
  • Durable: Intense impacts are inherent in most flow arts, and if your flowtoys can’t handle that, you can’t use them! So we make them all as durable as possible without compromising performance.
  • Serviceable: While durability is important, nothing is indestructible, so we design our props to be easily serviceable with user-replaceable parts.
  • Upgradeable: We are always innovating and improving our products, and we make things reverse-compatible whenever possible - you can often simply replace a single part to get the latest features on your flowtoys.
  • Rechargeable: Disposable batteries are not just wasteful and expensive, they create a disincentive to finding your flow! Never hesitate to turn on your flowtoys - you can always charge them in the morning.
  • Versatile: A durable, rechargeable light-source should have many uses. Our designs enable you to use your flowtoys as décor, fashion accessories, personal or safety lighting for your integrated, illuminated lifestyle.
  • Aesthetically inspiring: We strive to design products that have lasting beauty that makes us want to play with them every day, and motivate us to share our flowtoys with friends, families and friends-to-be. Our designs are often influenced by the beauty of our natural world - inspiring conversation and reflection through interesting beautiful aesthetic features, and carefully laid-out user interface.
  • Affordable: We make our products as affordable as possible, while maintaining high performance standards through careful design and avoiding the high mark-ups and distribution pricing typical of other consumer products. Buy direct from flowtoys and keep pricing low for everyone.
  • Sustainable: In addition to the durability, serviceability, and rechargeability that enable flowtoys to enjoy a lifetime of service, we choose materials and processes that create the minimum environmental impact for their purpose, and avoid any unnecessary packaging, from the product creation, to internal handling and shipping. We do not support cheap disposable novelty items, or planned obsolescence.