daytime poi & staffs * silk fans, flags & darts * toroflux * windsingers * mini-hoops & more

We are stoked to bring you an expanding line of inspiring day props to help you find your flow. You don't need to wait for sunset to start playing and practicing. Flowtoys day props are custom designed & curated to surround you with rainbows, glittering light and playful joy under the sun. 

Fuzzy poi & exclusive glitterbomb contact poi
Joyful rainbow fuzzy poi are the perfect way to begin any poi journey, while custom exclusive glitterbomb contact poi sparkle like no other.

Fans, flags and ribbons
We are proud to offer amazing wooden mojura fans by FlowDNA, folding fans by FloWarrior, beautiful handmade silk flags by Flow Flags and more.

Discounted day prop bundles
Not nocturnal? No worries - you can play all day and save with these discounted bundles of daytime flowtoys.