flow-wand® + DVD bundle

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Everything you need to begin your flow-wand journey. This bundle includes the original short-string flow-wand® and flow-wand fundamentals™ DVD to help you learn this magical dance and movement practice. 

Bundle includes:

  • Short string flow-wand - choose your color!
  • An extra string pack, so you can experiment with long string wand technique
  • Flow-wand Fundamentals DVD
Find your flow! Join us and begin your journey into the wonderful world of movement arts and object manipulation. Explore movement, space and rhythm, while improving your grace, coordination and focus.
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    Flow-wand Fundamentals™ DVD: Featuring Prisna von Stade, creator of the flow-wand® and modern levitation wand dance, and Aileen Lawlor, world-renowned flow artist, this DVD brings you the world's first comprehensive instruction on the modern levitation wand. This instructional series features 1hr 20 minutes of instructions, practices and tips covering fundamentals of the three most popular wand styles: short string, long string and double wand.

    Flow-wand® - short string: All short string flow-wands come with swivelled finger holds, so you never have to worry about your string twisting up - necessary for double wand manipulation.

    Extra string: We include extra string (18 feet) for long string wand technique, or in case you need to replace your string. Click here for video instructions on how to string your wand.

    Note: The black string is chosen for its strength and durability - invisible magician's thread is too weak and will break with active play. We tried using white, silver, and grey string and fishing line, and surprisingly they are more visible than black as they catch and reflect light. The wand is not designed specifically for magic, but rather for movement. The magic is in your movement.