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We love sharing our creations, teaching people how to flow, and enjoying all the juiciness of a good gathering of humankind.

You can find us at various music, arts and flow festivals across the west coast of the US (and sometimes further afield). Our amazing flowcart offers almost everything we make, plus samples to play with, on-site warranty service, and lots of friendly smiles!

We also often create 'flow zones' at events to enable people to find their flow through movement and play.

If you're an event organizer interested in having flowtoys at your event, please contact us.

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  • 2024 Events

    19-21 January

    Game of Throws
    Palo Alto High School, CA

    25-28 January

    Club Congress 2023
    Emeryville, CA

    5-9 April

    Texas Eclipse Festival
    Burnet, TX

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    11-14 April

    FLAME Festival
    Washington, GA

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    16-19 May

    Kinetic Fire Retreat
    College Corner, OH

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    17-19 May

    Cascade Juggling Festival 2024
    Bellingham, WA

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    22-27 May

    Lightning in a Bottle
    Buena Vista Lake, Kern County, CA

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    30 May - 2June

    Wilseyville, CA

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    28-30 June

    Lucidity Festival
    Santa Barbara, CA

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