Legal :: Precautions • Important • Please Read

Precautions • Important • Please Read

Flowtoys® are intended for practice, play and performance. Do not use for any other purpose.

Do not modify this product. Do not use this product for purposes for which it was not intended.

Various components of the Flowtoys Modular System, including tubes, caps, connectors and leashes, are designed as a single integrated system. To avoid compromises in terms of safety, performance, durability, function and to prevent voiding the warranty, we recommend that you ONLY use the components specified by Flowtoys, without interfacing them with or substituting them with products manufactured by other companies.

Do not use products under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Consult prescription labels to determine if your judgment or reflexes may be impaired by taking a particular drug; if so do not use this product.

Stay alert and use common sense. Do not use this product when tired or distracted or in the presence of fragile or breakable objects.

Before use: Check for damaged parts before using this product. Ensure that all caps, connectors and battery doors are fully engaged. For flow-wand™ users, check that the string is not frayed or likely to break.

General care: Repair or replace damaged or worn parts before use. Do not use damaged products.

Regular maintenance: Maintain this product with care. Store this product in a clean, dry environment. Avoid exposure to sunlight, as UV rays compromise the integrity of all plastics.

Do not use near or with chemical glowsticks: Do not put chemical glowsticks near or into the tubing as the esters from glowsticks will cause the polycarbonate tubing to become brittle and crack.