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There's nothing like spinning a stick around! Play, twirl, juggle, martial arts, contact - we offer a variety of styles, colors, lengths, weight and grip options, and are happy to provide you with the perfect staffs for your needs.

Flowtoys composite staffs were the first to bring high performance carbon fiber shafts to staff manipulation, enabling you to have thin and lightweight staffs that are also strong and rigid - epic and used by top performers around the world. Available in contact staffs, dragon staffs, juggling staffs and twirling batons.

Versatile collapsible glow staffs enable you to break down your staffs for travel and convenience, and to mix and match parts to create a variety of props. Want top-of-the-line high performance staffs & batons? Check out the vision system.

If you want a specific staff or baton that you don't find here, feel free to email us at orders (at) with your custom order.