contact staffs

contact staffs

Contact staff is a form of staff manipulation that uses the entire body, rather than just the hands, to move with a staff.

Contact staffs have weighted ends to allow for better rotational inertia, and grip along the middle section, so the staff sticks to your body when executing contact moves.

If you're looking for a high performance contact staff, we recommend either the vision or composite contact staffs - both options use space-age materials like carbon fiber and custom 3D-printed parts to bring you effortless flow. On a budget? You can start with a 2-capsule composite contact staff to save, and get more capsule lights later. 1-piece staffs are our most economical contact staffs, while vision contact staffs offer the most light output and features - amazing for everyday practice and performance on a bright stage.

We also have a beautiful contact staff book to help you get started!

Choosing a light unit

Choosing light units

So you've decided to get a contact staff, but can't decide which light engine to go with? Many of our staffs come with the option of flowlights, capsule lights or vision core. Our light engines have many similarities. They all:

  • • have bright LEDS
  • • use our highly evolved flowOS user interface
  • • have many beautiful adjustable modes
  • • have adjustable brightness and white balance
  • • have the ability for you to save your favorites to "playlists"
  • • are durable, rechargeable and come with our lifetime warranty

>>> Click here to see the differences & features of each light unit.