composite CONTACT flowstaff: 4-capsule 2.0

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Presenting the amazing composite contact staff :: the first contact staff to introduce space-age carbon fiber staffs to the world, bringing you a high-performance stave like no other. Now with the all new capsule 2.0!


  • space-age carbon fiber shafts - effortless flow 
  • ultra-strong yet lightweight - thin yet rigid
  • custom elastomer super grip
  • 3d-printed screw compression connectors
  • the amazing all new capsule 2.0
  • durable - lifetime warranty

1-week lead time: Contact staffs are made to order. Even if you choose Express shipping, your staff may not leave our factory until 1 week after you order it! If you are in a rush, please contact us before ordering.

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  • Description

    Comes with:

    • 1x carbon fiber shaft with deco tape and custom elastomer grip
    • 2x screw compression connectors
    • 2x 2CX polycarbonate tubes
    • 4x flowmass
    • 2x silicone flowcaps
    • 2x double capsules 2.0
    • 4x micro USB cables
    • many glorious moments of learning and effortless flow

    All new capsule 2.0 light features:

    • 30 adjustable modes, 60 programmable modes
    • full color spectrum with over 60 billion colors
    • hella bright, custom high-temp LEDs, and global brightness control
    • accelerometer response
    • wireless control, syncing and connectivity
    • USB rechargeable and update-able
    • user-replaceable battery
    • super durable & lifetime warranty

    Shaft length: We offer a wide range of shaft lengths. Please be aware that staffs with longer shaft lengths (130cm and up) are more flexible.

    Shipping outside the US: Please note that most staffs cannot be shipped via "first class international", because of shipping length restrictions in many countries. If you accidentally choose first class international, and we're not able to ship via that method, we will contact you via email for the shipping difference. Thank you for understanding.

    Important safety precautions: Click here

  • Tech Specs

    Composite contact ataffs come standard with elastomer grip and holographic tape with center-point mark.
    Shaft diameter: 15mm OD/11mm ID carbon fiber shaft - giving you 2mm wall thickness of carbon fiber rigidity throughout your shaft. OD is 17mm with grip.
    2CX tubes can house 2 capsule lights on each end, 4 in total.
    Note: You cannot fit 2 flowlights in a 2-capsule tube. If you need your staff to also fit 2 flowlights on each end, we make them, but they will leave a gap when you have capsules in your staff. You can order a flowlight-sized contact staff with flowlights and order capsules separately.

  • Customer Reviews

    rigid, beautiful, and DURABLE

    An exceptionally balanced, gripped, and functioning staff, the composite system is one of the best innovation the flow arts has seen. These staves are like Legos with their ability to mix and match parts to customize your spinning experience, and can even utilize your podpoi parts. The Elastomer grip is exceptionally tacky and super easy to clean, and the carbon fiber is rigid, beautiful, and DURABLE
    - Beautiful lights and modes
    - Highly durable design
    - Superior elastomer grip
    - Soft silicone ends (and podshells!)
    - Modular to customize your staff and other props
    - Rechargeable

    - Thin shaft diameter can be bouncy at lengths around 5"+, depending on how aggressive your spinning style is
    - Elastomer loses grip immediately when wet (sweat/rain) Review by Jeremy Menefee • (Posted on 8/6/2018)

    Solid staff, worth it

    I have put mine through hell, it has put up with all of it. Never had an issue and it is super fun. The grip is a little touchy with moisture or getting dusty but a good clean and dry takes care of it. Review by MaybeDrunk • (Posted on 4/27/2018)

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