trikon dragon hub w/o lights

trikon dragon hub w/o lights

Already have flowlights or capsule lights? Get a trikon dragon hub without lights - designed to fit 3/4" (19mm), 7/8" (22mm) or 1" (25mm) staffs - for an LED dragon like no other. 

Spoke features: The unique conical dragon design looks and feels amazing, creates extra clearance, gives a better view from all angles, and stands up on its own. The outward angled spokes provide an extra 65mm/2.5" of clearance on each end, enabling a shorter shaft for better handling.  

Hubs: The 3D-printed TPU hubs are indestructible and can flex to absorb impacts. They fit very snugly on 3 different shaft diameters with optional adaptors, and can be tightened with an internal bolt and the included keychain hex-key (4mm / 5/32”).

Sold as a set without lights / caps / staff.

2-3 week lead time: Your Trikon dragon hub is 3D-printed in-house and printers can be fussy. Even if you choose Express shipping, your staff may not leave our factory until 2+ weeks after you order it! If you are in a rush, please contact us before ordering. We'll do our best to make magic happen. 

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What You'll Get

This Trikon Dragon Hub comes with:

  • 2x 3D-printed Trikon hubs with 6 polycarbonate tubes and your choice of 19mm or 22mm hub-shaft adaptor
  • optional :: 6x flowcaps with appropriate adaptors
  • 1x hex key
  • many moments of buttery dragon joy and wows aplenty!

The whole setup is nice and solid, incredibly durable, modular, upgradeable, customizable, user-serviceable, and comes with our lifetime warranty and awesome customer service. If something fails, you only need to replace that single part for, at most, 50% of the cost of the part, but usually it's free. See warranty details here.

Using trikon hubs with flowtoys 15mm composite staves

This combination does not work well for everyone, for 2 main reasons:
Roll: The shaft diameter of a dragon staff makes a huge difference on how fast it rolls, or travels along your body. Most people prefer 22mm, while some like 19mm. 15mm makes for a very slow roll that some people love, but is too slow for most.
DIY solution: Add more grip! Wrap more layers of grip to increase your shaft diameter.

Twist: The tubes on the ends of most flowtoys 15mm composite staffs are held on with rubber 3D-printed buttons and can be removed by twisting. The trikon hubs will twist the tube when dropped, and the tube can then fall off. Also the repeated twisting will wear out the buttons.
DIY solution: You can secure them with tape as a temporary solution, drill screws into the buttons to make them secure, or order screw-connectors from flowtoys and drill them in yourself.

Dragon and trikon hub design history

The flowtoys trikon dragon hub design is a step in the evolution of the LED dragon staff. Dragon staff as an art form was originally innovated by Hungarian fire spinning and prop making legend, Gora, in 2004.

The spiraled shape of the trikon design was inspired by Mickey Khoury’s “Viper” hubs launched in 2015. Mickey has been supporting the dragon staff community for many years through innovative designs and moves through his company FlowForm in Australia.

The “conical” shape was invented by Sean of flowtoys to add dimensionality, better display the LEDs, create more clearance during use, and enable the staff to stand on its own. The use of flexible 3D printed parts to make a solid and incredibly durable transition between tubes, leashes and other prop components was developed by flowtoys in 2013 and has transformed the industry.

Features & Tech Specs


  • super durable 3d-printed hubs with unique conical design
  • super durable polycarbonate tubes
  • soft silicone flowcaps (optional)
  • all components custom-made to our tight tolerances and specifications

Tech Specs

  • Spoke length (from center of shaft): 210mm/8.25” (can be longer if desired)
  • Spoke tube diameter: 25mm/1"
  • “Disc” diameter: 410mm/16” (can be larger if desired)
  • Single hub weight: 
    vision = 370g, capsules = 350g, flowlights = 365g

Shaft diameter

The trikon hub is designed to fit on 1" (25mm), 7/8" (22mm) or 3/4" (19mm) shafts. Please choose your shaft diameter and we will provide the appropriate shaft adaptor for your trikon hub.


If you already have flowcaps, you can get this hub w/o caps. If you need caps, please tell us which light units you're using, as you will need flowlight adaptors if you're using flowlights.

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