day contact saber

day contact saber

Contact moves require a lot of practice and drops, and this unbreakable saber is designed with that in mind! Super-shiny and hella durable for daytime play, practice and performance, the flowtoys day contact saber is built to perfectly match the balance of the vision LED contact saber. Plus it can be easily upgraded with a vision saber blade and capsule for the pommel, and is modular and customizable - you can swap out the blade, pommel and handle between all flowtoys sabers!

Now with 18mm diameter shafts: Day sabers are now built with 18mm carbon fiber shafts. If you have a 15mm saber and want to match or upgrade, please contact us. See options tab for more info.

Available in 4 holographic colors that shimmer in the light.

Created by Sean von Stade, who made the first fire contact swords in recorded history ;) and instigated a new movement in movement, the flowtoys contact saber is designed with a large playable handle area with center mark for contact-staff inspired techniques.

Sold individually.

2-3 week lead time: Day contact sabers are made to order. Even if you choose Express shipping, your saber may not leave our factory until 2 weeks after you order it! If you are in a rush, please contact us before ordering. We'll do our best to make magic happen.

Non-US Shipping options: We cannot ship sabers using "First Class International" due to shipping restrictions. If you are outside the US, please do NOT select this option during checkout. We will have to email you to upgrade your shipping.

What You'll Get

This day contact saber includes:

  • 1x day-time contact sword with deco-taped polycarbonate blade with flowmass & 18mm carbon fiber shaft - choose from 4 tape color options
  • 1x soft silicone flowcap
  • 1x wrap-on mass pommel handle with pod shell
  • having the most dazzling daylight sword around :)
Features & Tech Specs


  • standard length 114cm
  • high performance 18mm carbon fiber shaft w/ custom elastomer grip (20mm total)
  • super durable polycarbonate tubes with flowmass
  • soft silicone flowcap
  • counter-balanced for effortless play
  • available in 4 different gorgeous holographic tape options, including reflective white tiger
  • blade features polycarbonate tube weighted to be almost identical to a vision contact saber
  • super durable with lifetime warranty

Tech Specs

Total saber length (standard / default length):

114cm / ~45"



Saber Blade

  • Blade composition: polycarbonate tubing w/ holographic tape
  • Blade length: 49cm / ~19"
  • Blade diameter: 25mm/1"
  • Balance point from blade tip: ~77cm / ~30"
  • End cap: silicone flowcap | clicks into tube ends for a secure fit

Saber Shaft

  • Diameter: 18mm carbon fiber | ~20mm OD total with elastomer grip
  • Carbon fiber wall thickness: 2mm - very strong and rigid
  • Grip length: 41cm / ~16"
    Custom lengths available for $20.
  • Grip grip: custom super-grip elastomer | 1mm thickness

Saber Pommel

  • Components: silicone pod shell, elastomer super grip wrap, 3D-printed connector

15mm vs 18mm carbon fiber shaft diameters

The advantage of a thinner / smaller diameter shaft is mostly in how it rolls along the body: the smaller diameter must rotate more times to travel the same distance, and it has a higher rolling resistance, which both lead to slower travel, which some people prefer for a slower movement flow.

A larger diameter head and/or flowers will also slow down the travel / roll. We’ve found 15mm to be the thinnest shaft that is still rigid enough to not be too bouncy. Adding flowers greatly reduces bounce by absorbing it.

The advantage of a thicker / larger diameter shaft is mostly that it is stiffer and less bouncy. The larger diameter also travels / rolls along the body faster, which some people prefer for faster movement flow. We’ve found 18mm to be the “point of diminishing returns” when it comes to stiffness. Any thicker doesn’t make much practical improvement to stiffness, and starts to feel bulky and roll too fast.

Saber Length

Custom lengths available - please contact us.

  • Please be aware that longer shafts are more flexible.
  • Please note that custom lengths may have 3-week lead time to build.
  • There are NO refunds on custom lengths.

Sword Tape Colors

Day contact sabers feature both a carbon fiber handle as well as a polycarbonate blade, both wrapped in a high-quality holographic deco tape. Choose from 4 available tape options, each featuring its own unique color & optical effects:

  • classic: a classy silver prismatic tape
  • firefly: a shimmering green & gold holographic tape
  • spirit: a lustrous, iridescent soft purple & cyan tape
  • white tiger: pearlescent base overlaid with a silvery cat eye pattern that is ultra reflective

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