cobra dart

cobra dart

Designed for speed and more experienced dartists, cobra darts have a narrower, thinner head with a denser weight distribution compared to the silk darts. Like the silk darts, cobra darts feature a canvas cap on the bottom reducing rips & tears and a swivel link, so leash twists are a thing of the past!

These darts are made of beautiful silk brocade, and the pouch is reinforced with ripstop lining and stitched together using heavy denim thread, giving the dartist confidence when spinning.

Designed by our friends at Rope Dart Academy, cobra darts will hold up to your dynamic spinning. The silk brocade is soft, giving the user a smooth feel when practicing, performing or dancing.

Available in different color combinations.

Sold individually.

What You'll Get

You'll get:

  • 1x RDA cobra dart (choose color)

For best results, we recommend using on grass, dirt, indoor flooring, or smooth surfaces. Please do not submerge your dart head in water!

What is the difference between a silk dart and cobra dart?

The Silk Dart is designed for a smoother, slower flow. It has a broader head with a wider weight distribution. You can find silk darts here.

The Cobra Dart, like a more traditional Rope Dart head, is designed for speed. It has a more narrow, thin head with a dense weight distribution.

Features & Tech Specs


  • this cobra dart & its leash from the Rope Dart Academy are made from silk brocade
  • internal ripstop lining and scratch-proofed canvas cap reinforcement, all secured with heavy denim stitching
  • 10' long dart leash comes installed with a swivel link for smooth, tangle-free spinning
  • this beautiful dart is also the strongest fabric dart available and weighs 7.5oz
  • brocade silk is not only elegant & durable, but super soft, giving the user a smooth feel when practicing or performing

Cobra Dart Colors

Blue & Silver:

elegant rich royal blue silk with classic embroidered blue flowers and silver dragons, and a grey ripstop canvas cap.

Black & Red:

dark black silk with classic embroidery - black flowers outlined in red & red dragons, with black ripstop canvas cap.

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