podpoi® with capsule handles v2

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The most epic poi rig for endless flow & perfect gunslingers, just got more epic with capsule 2.0! Wirelessly control & sync your poi heads and handles, shine brighter and so much more. 


  • world's favorite poi heads & amazing custom light handles 
  • non-toxic - conscious design
  • soft silicone shell - cushy on impact

All new capsule 2.0 light features:

  • 80 customizable modes
  • full color spectrum with over 60 billion colors
  • hella bright, custom high-temp LEDs, and global brightness control
  • accelerometer response
  • wireless control, syncing and connectivity
  • USB rechargeable and update-able
  • super durable & lifetime warranty

Sold as a pair.

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  • Description

    Podpoi®: Years of engineering and development, consciously designed in every aspect, podpoi feature many modes and functions ranging from awesome poi trails to scientific strobing to gorgeous mood lighting. Made of silicone – the most non-toxic and environmentally-friendly plastic available – podpoi are super-cushy on impact and virtually indestructible. 

    Handles: These super customized handles use the light capsule from podpoi in a comfortable, weighted casing to give you all the podpoi modes in the palm of your hand. 

    Great for gunslingers, tosses, string manipulation, and highlighting your hand positions.

    Comes with:

    • pair of podpoi v2
    • capsule handles v2
    • 4 microUSB cables
    • 100% cotton bag
    • many epic moments of joy and discovery 
    • potential for some sweet gunslingin' action

    Important safety precautions: Click here