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  • joy of poi kit: fuzzy poi

    Regular Price: $150.00

    Special Price $125.00

    Are you an instructor, part of a troupe, or just love to share the joy of poi? 

    Buy 5 pairs of fuzzy poi, and get 1 free with this kit! 

    Choose from rainbow, UV-active fluoro fire, or a mix of both.

  • joy of poi kit: podpoi

    Regular Price: $690.00

    Special Price $552.00

    Are you an instructor, part of a performance troupe, or simply love to share the joy of poi? 

    This kit gives you a great discount on 6 pairs of podpoi, and includes charging accessories to keep you and your friends glowing.

    Podpoi features:

    • full color - many modes - infinitely adjustable
    • bright - lasts all night - usb rechargeable
    • non-toxic - conscious design
    • soft silicone shell - cushy on impact
    • super durable - lifetime warranty

  • poi flowkit: capsule lights

    Regular Price: $309.00

    Special Price $260.00

    Get all the capsule-based poi rigs at a discount!

    Double up: Don't want the hassle of removing your capsules and swapping them between props? Add four more capsule lights, so you never need to change them out.

    Mass: Add extra flowmass for your capsule poi or duos, if you like your props heavy.

  • poi flowkit: flowlights

    Regular Price: $397.00

    Special Price $320.00

    This kit contains all the parts needed to create a pair of every flowlight-based poi: 

    • crystal poi
    • flowlight poi
    • flowlight poi duo
    • clubpoi 
    All poi rigs come with flowleashes made of flowcord w/ swivelled floop handles. Mo' poi = mo better!

  • partner poi flowkit

    Regular Price: $250.00

    Special Price $230.00

    With so many bright and beautiful modes and pattern, usb-rechargeability and all-night runtime, podpoi® are not just the world's favorite glow poi, they are the best for Partner Poi as they are super cushy on impact.

    This kit contains just about everything you need to start your Partner Poi practice: 

    • 2 pairs of podpoi with knobleashes
    • 2 sets of cables and wall adaptors for charging
    • 2 pairs of epically delightfully fuzzy poi covers (choose from Fluoro Fire, Rainbow, or both!)
    • Poi partner not included ;)

5 Item(s)