double the flow and double the awesome!
partner poi
Flowtoys Video Contest 2013

Double the flow and double the awesome! Flowtoys is hosting a Partner Poi video competition - best video wins 2 pairs of podpoi! Podpoi are not just the most awesome glowpoi out there, they are extra-amazing for partner poi because they don't hurt when they hit you or your partner and they untangle super-easily!

WOW - thank you everyone who submitted entries!

We were floored by the quality of entries, and how much fun people had making them. There were many good videos, but one stood out as a clear winner - Congratulations to Van Loop, Rowan Thompson and John Godbolt from Leeds University in the United Kingdom! This video showed excellent production, solid partner skills, a hilarious storyline with fun characters - it became an instant classic for us. Though please don't cast your crystal poi away - crystal poi make great illuminated handles! ;)

For the runners up - Congratulations to Justin Warren and Christina Koller from Poughkeepsie, NY, and to Aiste Krasauskait and Darius Matuseviius of Kaunas, Lithuania - both entries showed great partner skills, awesome energy and good production.

We found something inspiring or entertaining in every entry, but a few videos had aspects we wanted to highlight and share - check out the honorable mentions for more inspiration.

Many thanks again to all who submitted entries and keep spreading the love!
- Love and lights from Flowtoys :)


Honorable Mentions

Ryan Williams and Teal Young
for great continuous partner flow

partner poi ::
the contest is now closed

Thank you to all who participated!

View a playlist of winning videos along with all other submissions from the partner poi video contest here!

why we are doing this

Flowtoys exists because we love to flow. We never stop marveling at the beauty of an artist in flow. And through our props, our people, and our actions, we are always striving to spread the joy of the flow arts to a larger community. We think video is an excellent way to do that, and we want to encourage people to share their flow with a bigger audience through video - partner poi is just the beginning. In the future, we plan to hold more video contests, featuring different props, styles, artists, etc. This competition is a little first step in giving back to flow artists, who are brave enough to share their passion with a larger audience. We're proud to serve such awesome folks!

All the best,
the Flowtoys family

what we're looking for

  • Videos should be 2-5 minutes in length, and showcase your vision of how the flow arts makes your life beautiful. Be creative with content, but please include some footage of you spinning your favorite prop(s).
  • Glow, fire and daytime props (or a mix) are all welcome. Individual, troupe or community submissions are also welcome.
  • Technical ability is less important than overall awesomeness - so have fun and be creative! Tell a story! Inspiration can come from the simplest moves.
  • Production and overall video quality will be strongly considered, so don't be afraid to go on location, set up some lights and shoot in HD. However even the lowest quality footage might trump the rest with the most inspiring performance!
  • Although you're welcome to edit and re-use old footage, all videos should be new uploads to YouTube.
  • Videos should open with a title card that say “flowtoys 2013 partner poi video contest”, plus your video's title/name/troupe name, if applicable.