watch fun podpoi videos
win a pair of podpoi v2

watch fun podpoi videos
win a pair of podpoi v2

This contest has closed

Here are the "rules" for a most diverting contest:

  • Watch our 3 favorite podpoi videos - see below.
  • Make comments on each of them on Youtube:
  • Podpoi durability video: tell us your favorite durability test
  • Joy of poi: name at least one of the easter eggs in the video
  • Podpoi black: tell us your favorite moment in this video
  • In each comment --> mention podpoi's 10th anniversary - you can say "happy 10th podpoi!" or "what? podpoi's 10 years old?" or anything similar
  • Paste your comments in this google form
  • Contest deadline --> 28 February 2022

We'll do a draw in March for the winner - if it's you, we'll send you or anyone you want to gift a pair of podpoi v2. Feel free to be funny in your comments.

video #1 :: podpoi durability

If you haven't seen this video, you're in for a treat. If you've seen it, watching it again will bring fresh laughs. We've done several crazy videos, but this one takes the cake:

  • smash podpoi with a 2x4, baseball bat and flaming sledgehammer
  • run them over with bulldozers
  • pound them with excavator buckets
  • roast them with a flamethrower
  • put them in a blender

We did all of that and more. And podpoi won.

video #2 :: joy of poi

This video shows 4 friends meeting up in the lovely city of San Francisco to spin poi and have an awesome day out and about town. We had fun editing in some hidden treasures :) Can you find them all?

video #3 :: podpoi black

This was our April Fools' video in 2016 - we had so much fun making it and watching it never gets old. To this day, we still get requests from people wanting to get a pair. A physics professor was very interested in them ... won't mention the college, coz he might lose his tenure ;)