composite flower stick v2

composite flower stick v2
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Presenting the world's first high performance LED flower stick! Recently voted the best high-end flower stick on ezvid wiki, and #2 in the world of all devil sticks. This is the only LED flower stick to make it to the top ten list!

Composite flower sticks have a great feel and balance, with a nice grippy playable shaft area, plus all the features of capsule 2.0 bring you the world's best LED flower stick. 

Standard length is 69cm/27.2", with a 39cm/15.4" playable shaft. Custom lengths available.

Sold individually. Control sticks not included.

1-2 week lead time: Flower sticks are handmade in small batches. Even if you order with Express shipping, your shipment may not leave our factory until 1-2 weeks after you order it! If you are in a rush, please contact us before ordering. We'll do our best to make magic happen.

Non-US shipping options: We can no longer ship flower sticks using "First Class International" due to shipping restrictions. If you are outside the United States, please do NOT select this option during checkout. We will have to email you to upgrade your shipping. 

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What You'll Get

Comes with:

  • carbon fiber shaft with elastomer supergrip, 3D-printed connectors
  • 2x 1CX polycarbonate tubes
  • 2x custom silicone laser-cut flowers
  • 2x capsule 2.0 lights
  • 2x silicone flowcaps
  • 2x micro-USB cables
  • many moments of fun and illuminated play

Note: Flowers may show burn or heat marks from the laser-cutting process. It’s not dirty. It’s lasers :)

Features & Tech Specs

Capsule 2.0 light features:

  • 64 customizable modes
  • full color spectrum with over 60 billion colors
  • hella bright, custom high-temp LEDs, and global brightness control
  • accelerometer response
  • wireless control, syncing and connectivity
  • USB rechargeable and update-able
  • super durable & lifetime warranty


  • great feel and balance
  • high-quality woven space age carbon fiber shaft with elastomer super-grip and center-point mark
  • custom silicone laser-cut flowers for slow rolls and beautiful light diffusion
  • flowers are adjustable and removable and make excellent catch-points/“bells"
  • all components custom-made to our tight tolerances and specifications, from the 12mm carbon fiber shaft to silicone flowcap to the polycarbonate tubing
  • screw connector creates firm connections between tube and shaft
  • soft, versatile and beautiful flowcap secures a single capsule light with a snap
  • composite flower sticks come installed with flowtoys modular vibration-damping kit to minimize vibration and rattle between the parts during catches and drops

Roll Angle

The stick starts rolling at almost any angle, but not too fast. As many people prefer some roll (and in fact some prefer no tassels at all), we have chosen a tassel style that gives a nice balance of roll-resistance and roll-ability. If you find this does not open your flow up to more possibilities, you can always customize the tassels later, by removing some or all, changing their location on the clear tube, or adding more with one of our flower-kits.

Tech Specs

Overall length:


Playable shaft length:

Custom playable shaft length available for $20 w/ 2-week lead time

Carbon fiber shaft diameter:

12mm | 14mm w/ grip


365g (concentrated at ends)

Elastomer durometer:

~shore-a 50

Silicone flowers:

  • Tassel length: ~90mm
  • Durometer: ~shora-a 55

Control sticks (not included)

  • Length: 460mm/18"
  • Diameter: 15mm (with grip)
  • Weight: 110g
  • Color: matches shaft tape color


Silicone flowcap with inner polycarbonate snapcap and polycarbonate light capsule


3.5-4.2v, 750mAh rechargeable Li-ion


Maximum power draw of 500ma


4x super-bright RGB LEDs - total of 12 LEDs!


Made of polycarbonate, the most durable clear plastic available and the same material used for bulletproof glasses. While the tubes are technically 1"OD and 7/8"ID, we have our tubing custom extruded to ensure that it meets our specs, as the difference of 5/1000ths of an inch can mean that the tubing is too tight or too loose! All the tubing is prepped in-house, which involves size-testing, cutting the tubing down, punching holes and deburring the edges and blowing off all the shavings and dust for a smooth, clean finish. All the jigs and many of the tools were developed and made in-house.


Custom Length

Standard composite flower stick length is 69cm/27.2" overall with a 39cm/15.4" playable shaft. Custom lengths available; please specify your desired overall flower stick length in the text field (NO refunds on custom lengths).

Flower stick shafts come standard with elastomer grip and "classic" holographic tape with center-point mark.

Shaft Tape Colors

  • classic: a classy silver prismatic tape
  • firefly: a shimmering green & gold holographic tape that's also UV active
  • purple peacock: amethyst mermaid scales and royal purple peacock feathers
  • white tiger: pearlescent base overlaid with a silvery cat eye pattern that is ultra reflective

Control Sticks

Control sticks are handmade in-house with fiberglass, matching deco tape, custom elastomer grip, and vinyl end-caps creating a super-comfortable and durable tip. They aren't included by default with composite flower sticks, but you can add a pair for $20.

Bridge for connecting to the app:

Want to use the flowtoys connect app? You'll need a small hardware bridge to enable your props to talk to your mobile device and vice versa.

We have 2 options for bridges:

  • Pocket bridge comes with its own power bank and can be used when you're out and about.
  • USB bridge is great for home use. Just plug into power via usb.

You can find out more about the app and bridge here.

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  • 7/16/2021

    After 25 Years I've Found the Best...

    In the 25 years I've been spinning I've owned nearly two dozen sets, normal to fire, and over half of them LED. The Composite Flower Stick v2 you just sent me plays better than any of them, hands down. I'm already better with it than I am with the LED one I've used for 10 years, it's grip is amazing and is balanced so well it feels like a part of me. And the lighting effects with the kinetic! The "fire" effect is especially amazing! The fact that you can sync them all so easily and with friends not only makes for an amazing show but is an excellent marketing tactic...I've already convinced two friends to upgrade their props to Flowtoys. There is nothing I don't like about this prop and that's never happened to me before. And then there's the company selling it....Flowtoys....well...they are AMAZING too! Great customer service and quicker than expected delivery...simply the best prop from quite possibly the best company I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Thank you so much!

  • 6/25/2021

    Moresome. This is even more awesome

    Greetings from Germany,
    i play the stick for half a year now and its grip and overall feel is crazy good. It instantly starts to roll in the hand or over the arm and no matter what direction or style you play. This thing will surely help you flowing.
    Also the durability is persuading. There is just one tiny cut in the grip section, where I dropped it on a sharp edge really hard, but it doesnt rip further apart. The silicone grip is like on the first day and its really sticking on the skin, making insane moves possible.
    The software inside the capsules is awesome as well. The huge amount of modes, settings and the kinetic reaction are not letting this thing get boring.
    These toys are quite pricy (depending on view) but they are definately worth it. Playing this stick is like cutting with a sharp blade or generally working with good tools. It is awesome.
    Im currently saving for a full vision prop and really looking forward to it. The sh*t here is moresome!

  • 1/2/2019

    Super awesome set of sticks

    Super awesome set of sticks. The weight is nice, the length is good for contact rolls, and it fishtails like a dream. Best LED flower sticks I've ever come into contact with.

  • 12/17/2018

    Plays well both with handsticks and hands

    This stick is amazingly balanced! The grippyness and the mass-distribution gives off a wonderfull flow playing both with handsticks as well as playing with hands only. The programs and colours are great at night and the led capsules are easily rechargable. Overall feels very durable. I'm playing 7 years now with fire and since 1 year this one.
    -Grip and flow
    -Plays well both with handsticks and hands
    -Bright colourfull lights
    -Easy to recharge
    -Proper delivery
    -Could be to heavy for kids and starters and could be more dangerous than a lighter smaller normal flowerstick like the lunastix wizzard for example, when it hits you on vulnerable spots.