Welcome to the flowtoys vision props beta page!

What it means to be in beta:

  • modes are still being developed for each beta prop
  • documentation is still not developed
  • we'll invite your feedback through surveys
  • we might make some updates to the hardware
  • you will be able to update firmware via usb 
  • we'll make sure your betas work as the official release does

Flowtoys connect technology: Flowtoys connect was first launched in mid-2018 with capsule 2.0 and the flowtoys vision clubs. We made a significant firmware update at the end 2018, shortly before releasing vision poi, vision chucks and vision staffs. Flowtoys connect uses a custom RF module and a lot of sweet tech that enable them to connect to and control each other, opening up many possibilities for new interactions and prop intelligence.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to creating the future with YOU!