night & day vision saber kit

night & day vision saber kit

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Vision Saber, LED Light Saber, Laser Sword, Glow Sabre, Contact Sword … a flowtoys vision saber by any other name would feel just as sweet! This amazing kit gives you the power to easily swap out the blades, pommels and handles for the full spectrum of flow and contact saber options!

Lightweight, with the center of mass just a bit up the blade, and plenty of room for two hands on the handle/pommel section, the vision martial saber handles like a katana, from an illuminated future where fighting is history and flowing is the way.

Contact moves require a lot of practice and drops, and the included day saber blade is designed with that in mind! Super-shiny and hella durable for daytime play, practice and performance, the flowtoys day contact saber is built to perfectly match the balance of the vision LED contact saber.

We have applied all our best technologies and over a decade of experience building and providing warranty service on LED props into a modular and customizable line of “sabers” designed for high-performance handling and light display. The blade features our "vision core", taking LED prop technology to a whole new level with many stunning customizable modes, wireless and brightness control, accelerometer response and so much more. Easily control the blade's modes with the capsule 2.0 light in the pommel.

Made with space-age carbon fiber shaft, super durable polycarbonate tubes, beautiful silicone caps, and featuring flowtoys connect technology, the vision saber can connect to many other flowtoys props, and is protected by our industry-leading lifetime warranty.

Sold as a kit as shown.

1-2 week lead time: Vision sabers are made to order. Even if you choose Express shipping, your saber kit may not leave our factory until 2 weeks after you order it! If you are in a rush, please contact us before ordering. We'll do our best to make magic happen.

Non-US Shipping options: We cannot ship sabers using "First Class International" due to shipping restrictions. If you are outside the US, please do NOT select this option during checkout. We will have to email you to upgrade your shipping.

CONNECTOR COLOR TRANSITION: We’re transitioning to more complimentary connector colors!

  • Spirit shafts now come standard with purple connectors
  • Classic and White Tiger shafts will eventually have clear connectors, but we’re still working through stocks of black connectors
  • Depending on availability, you may receive a prop with black or clear connectors for Classic and White Tiger. If you have a preference, please leave a note in the checkout comments and we’ll do our best to accommodate

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What You'll Get

This amazing modular saber kit includes:

  • 1x vision flow saber blade w/ 40 pixel vision core
  • 1x vision contact saber blade w/ 32 pixel vision core
  • 1x day-time contact saber blade featuring deco-tape polycarbonate tube & single flowmass - choose from 2 holographic tape color options
  • 1x 28cm (~11") 15mm carbon fiber shaft handle
  • 1x 53cm (~21") 15mm carbon fiber shaft contact handle
  • 3x soft silicone flowcap (2x w/ vision cap adaptor)
  • 1x capsule light 2.0 flowcap pommel
  • 1x capsule light 2.0 pod shell + elastomer grip-wrapped contact pommel
  • 4x usb cables, including 2x cables modified for easier blade charging
  • 1x 6-bay USB charger (except to Germany, coz of customs)
  • 1x flowtoys drawstring bag
  • 1x accessory bag
  • having the most epic saber flow on earth, day or night ;)

flowtoys saber options

Martial saber: Designed to be used like a traditional sword, with the balance point on the blade near the handle for powerful swings.
Flow saber: Designed for dance/flow style the balance point is at the handle, so the blade feels weightless for ease of movement.
Contact saber: Designed for contact-staff style moves, with the balance point near the middle of the extended handle.

Features & Tech Specs


  • get 3 different interchangeable saber blades, 2 styles of pommel, and 2 lengths of saber handle for endless modular saber flow possibilities!
  • high performance 15mm carbon fiber shaft handles w/ custom elastomer grip (17mm total) in 2 lengths
  • super durable polycarbonate tubes
  • soft silicone flowcap
  • all sabers counter-balanced for effortless play
  • customize your style of sword flow with swappable, modular parts: martial, contact, or flow
  • 2 blades featuring vision core multi-pixel light engine - you'll get a 40px and a 32px!
  • 80 customizable modes
  • autoplay, auto sleep/wake power save feature, multiple accelerometer response types, brightness control & more
  • save up to 60 modes in favorites
  • 2 additional show pages of up to 60 modes each
  • wireless connectivity and control
  • usb rechargeable
  • usb firmware update-able
  • gorgeous contact day saber blade features polycarbonate tube weighted to be almost identical to a vision contact saber - perfect for heavy practice & play!
  • flowtoys connect technology means your vision props can connect to many other flowtoys props, including staffs, chucks, juggling clubs and more
  • super durable and backed with our industry-leading lifetime warranty

Saber Grips

  • Grip Diameter: 15mm OD/11mm ID carbon fiber | 2mm inner wall thickness | 17mm OD total with elastomer grip
  • Grip length: 1x 28cm / ~11" [~16cm handle area] + 1x 54.5cm / ~21.5" [~42cm handle area]
    Custom lengths not available through this kit, sorry!
  • Grip grip: custom super-grip elastomer | 1mm thickness

Vision Martial Saber Blade

  • Blade length (illuminated portion only): 61cm / ~24"
  • Blade diameter: 25mm/1"
  • Pixel count: 40
  • LED count: 98
  • Balance point from blade tip: ~58cm / ~23"
  • End cap: silicone flowcap with vision core adaptor | clicks into tube ends for a secure fit

Vision Contact Saber Blade

  • Blade length (illuminated portion only): 49cm / ~19"
  • Blade diameter: 25mm/1"
  • Pixel count: 32
  • LED count: 82
  • Balance point from blade tip: ~77cm / ~30"
  • End cap: silicone flowcap with vision core adaptor | clicks into tube ends for a secure fit

Day Contact Saber Blade

  • Blade composition: polycarbonate tubing with holographic tape
  • Blade length: 49cm / ~19"
  • Blade diameter: 25mm/1"
  • Balance point from blade tip: ~77cm / ~30"
  • End cap: silicone flowcap | clicks into tube ends for a secure fit

Saber Pommels

Standard / Flowcap Pommel -
  • Length: 12cm / ~5"
  • Weight: 110g
  • Materials / components: diffusion sheet, polycarbonate tube, silicone flowcap, single flowmass, polycarbonate capsule 2.0 light (included)
Contact / Pod Shell Pommel -
  • Length: 15cm / 6"
  • Weight: 310g
  • Materials / components: diffusion sheet, polycarbonate tube, polycarbonate capsule 2.0 light, silicone pod shell, elastomer super grip wrap

Saber Length

Vision & contact day sabers are available in 1 standard size at this time.

Custom lengths are not available through this kit at this time- sorry!

Shaft Tape Colors

Vision sabers feature a carbon fiber handle that comes wrapped in high-quality holographic deco tape. Choose from 4 available tape options each featuring its own unique color & optical effects:

  • classic: a classy silver prismatic tape
  • firefly: a shimmering green & gold holographic tape that's also UV active
  • spirit: a lustrous, iridescent soft purple & cyan tape
  • white tiger: pearlescent base overlaid with a silvery cat eye pattern that is ultra reflective

Day Saber Blade Tape Colors

Day contact sabers feature both a carbon fiber handle as well as a polycarbonate blade, both wrapped in a high-quality holographic deco tape. Choose from 2 available tape options, each featuring its own unique color & optical effects:


classy & clean; cool-toned silver tape with a dazzling rainbow holographic luster when hit by sunlight


mysterious & electrifying; gold-green tape with a lustrous rust-gold-green-blue holographic shift; UV-active!

Bridge for connecting to the app:

Want to use the flowtoys connect app? You'll need a small hardware bridge to enable your props to talk to your mobile device and vice versa.

We have 2 options for bridges:

  • Pocket bridge comes with its own power bank and can be used when you're out and about.
  • USB bridge is great for home use. Just plug into power via usb.

You can find out more about the app and bridge here.

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