pop'n flow modular system

pop'n flow modular system

high performance • modular • versatile • portable • customizable • upgradable

Welcome to the pop'n flow modular system! With a handful of spokes and a bunch of hubs, you can assemble a high-performance version of almost any prop! 

The full vision spokes have all the amazing features of the vision light engine and carry the light into many of the hubs and handles for a completely illuminated prop that handles great and can be converted into almost any other prop on the fly - and then break down into a small bag! Fans, dragon staff, triads, poi, batons, chucks, darts and more, and more to come!

Start with your favorite prop, add hubs to discover new ways to flow. Be spontaneous, adapt to your surroundings, fill out your show with a variety of props, and share the joy of playing with LED props with friends, old and new.