pop'n flow LED fans :: full vision

pop'n flow LED fans :: full vision

At last! Flowtoys LED fans with all the bells and whistles of the vision light engine - 80 beautiful infinitely adjustable modes, kinetic awareness, app-enabled, adjustable brightness and so much more to help you inspire your personal play & practice, and shine on stage!

Part of the new flowtoys modular "pop'n flow" system, each fan houses 3x full vision spokes with your choice of fan grip to give you a balanced, durable LED fan. The spokes are modular and interchangeable - pop them off and into other hubs to make triads, poi, batons, wands, dragon staffs and more. 

Available in Doodle and Ring (Russian) grip.

Sold as a pair. 

2 week lead time: Vision pop'n flow fans are made to order. Even if you choose Express shipping, your fan may not leave our factory until a week after you order it! If you are in a rush, please contact us before ordering. We'll do our best to make magic happen.

What You'll Get

Comes with:

  • 2x pop'n flow fan hub 
  • 6x pop'n flow full vision spokes - choose your grip style and size
  • 6x usb cables + charger
  • 1x flowtoys bag

Grip options

Doodlegrip: A tech grip developed by the innovative fan artist known as Doodle (history below) specifically for technical fan manipulation. If you want precise control and like to do more challenging moves, this is the grip for you. Intended to fit your 2 middle fingers, so your index and pinky can control the sides of the fan, if you have smaller hands you may want to only leave your pinky out so you have more strength inside the ring.

Ring grip: The Ring AKA “Russian” grip is the oldest and simplest fan grip and is great for flowy fan movement. The large ring enables you to fit your whole hand for maximum comfort and freedom of movement.

History of the Doodlegrip aka tech grip

Tech fan manipulation innovator commonly known as Doodle (aka Mike Smith) changed the fan manipulation world forever in 2014, when he worked with prop maker Forged Creations to develop a new style of fan handle specifically for tech fan manipulation, featuring a smaller inner ring for tighter spins and larger distance between the inner and outer rings for more control in the off-plane axis. He also refined the entire fan and grip area for ideal balance and manipulation surfaces for an iconic fan handle and body shape that is uniquely his.

Doodle sells a plastic practice fan in this shape that has enabled many fan artists to take their skills to the next level. He also worked with Forged Creations to develop a fire version of his fans, widely known as some of the best fans in the world.

Doodle performs, teaches workshops, produces inspirational and instructional media and has been a major influence in the art of contemporary fan manipulation. We are proud to support this innovator and his work!

Features & Tech Specs


  • vision core spin18 pixel light engine
  • 80 customizable modes + save up to 60 modes in favorites
  • autoplay, auto sleep/wake power save feature, multiple accelerometer response types, brightness control & more
  • 2 additional show pages of up to 60 modes each
  • wireless connectivity and control
  • usb firmware update-able
  • lights charge via microUSB
  • 3d-printed modular hubs
  • flowtoys connect wireless grouping technology means your vision props can connect to many other flowtoys props, including staffs, chucks, juggling clubs and more
  • pop’n flow compatible: combine spokes and hubs to create a wide variety of props including staves, levi-wands, poi, chucks, fans, triads and more

Doodle grip - 50mm (2")

Weight: ~390g
Length:135mm (5.3")
Width: 130mm (5.1")
Thickness: 13-18mm (0.5-0.7") taper

Ring/Russian grip - 80mm (3.1")

Weight: ~390g
Length: 140mm (5.5")
Width: 140mm (5.5")
Thickness: 13-18mm (0.5-0.7") taper

Ring/Russian grip - 90mm (3.5")

Weight: ~390g
Length: 150mm (5.9")
Width: 150mm (5.9")
Thickness: 13-18mm (0.5-0.7") taper

Bridge for connecting to the app:

Want to use the flowtoys connect app? You'll need a small hardware bridge to enable your props to talk to your mobile device and vice versa.

We have 2 options for bridges:

  • Pocket bridge comes with its own power bank and can be used when you're out and about.
  • USB bridge is great for home use. Just plug into power via usb.

You can find out more about the app and bridge here.

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