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  • composite contact wand

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    Presenting the world's most durable glow levitation stick, and the original contact glow wand!


    • space-age carbon fiber shaft
    • elastomer super grip
    • comfortable knob handle with ball-bearing swivel
    • specifically engineered for contact and isolation style - also handles excellently for any type of wand play
    • amazing capsule lights provide endless color and pattern possibilities
    • durable - rechargeable - lifetime warranty

  • flowlight-FS wand

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    Beautiful and striking, the flowlight-full spectrum wand is great for practice and performance even on a lit stage - and it handles and feels awesome.


    • gorgeous, magical looking levitation wand
    • many stunning modes - all adjustable
    • kinetic awareness
    • low battery indicator, and a charge-level indicator in each light 
    • comes in a carrying tube that also doubles up as a baton, so you get 2 props in one! 
    • batteries and charger included

    Durability alert: The flowlight wand can handle being bumped occasionally, but it is NOT designed for long-string wand, drops, knocks and catches, or repeated impact - even against your body. This is NOT a toy for beginners or people who are rough with their props. It is a terrific performance and dance prop for experienced or careful users.

  • wand flowkit

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    Discover the magic of the original levitation flow-wand®! The wand flowkit has everything you need to master the main styles of wand manipulation - short string, long string, double wand, and contact wand - plus spare parts and an instructional DVD to guide you on your journey.


    • perfectly balanced wands
    • beautifully handmade in the USA
    • durable - rechargeable - lifetime warranty

    Shipping: Orders may require a 1-week lead time. Even if you order with Express shipping, your order may not leave our factory until 1 week after you order it. If you are in a rush, please contact us before ordering.

  • composite contact wand w/o lights

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    Already have capsule lights? Put them in this high performance contact levitation wand and add more magic to your life!

    With space-age carbon fiber shaft, elastomer super grip, and 3d-printed connectors, this composite wand is engineered for contact wand style, and also handles excellently for all types of wand play.

    Sold individually without capsule lights or flowcaps.

4 Item(s)