2-toned elements poi knob handles - single

2-toned elements poi knob handles - single

Custom 3D-printed elemental knobs, these knobs are soft and squishy for super comfortable poi play.

Choose from 6 colors, and select your leash diameter - 6mm or 11mm - to ensure a good fit for your leashcord.

Sold individually.

2 week lead time: Element knobs are made in small batches, and the rainbow knobs are only 3d-printed to order. Even if you order with Express shipping, your knob(s) may not leave our factory until 2 weeks after you order it! If you are in a rush, please contact us before ordering. We'll respond quickly.

What You'll Get

Each elements poi knob handle comes with:

  • 1x element poi knob handle - choose your color & leash diameter
  • Washers not included - if you'd like washers, please go to the knob washer kit page,
Features & Tech Specs

Tech Specs

Element knob handle weight w/o washers:

10 grams

Element knob handle dimensions:

40mm diameter | 26mm height

Element knob handle washer hole:

25mm or 1″

Washers and knob handle weight variance - 6mm & 11mm:

6mm cord are best compatible with 1/4" thick washers, while 11mm cord are best compatible with 1/16" thick washers, so the weight of the washers is different depending on the leashcord you choose. Washers also come with some variance in their weights, so there might be slight variation in knob head weight, even if you have the same number of washers in each. Knob washer kits available here.

6mm knobs:

  • 1 washer (min) = ~13g
  • 5 washers = ~24g
  • 10 washers (max) = ~38g

11mm knobs:

  • 1 washer (min) = ~12g
  • 6 washers = ~22g
  • 12 washers (max) = ~34g

Elements poi knob handle themes

Custom 3D-printed, these 10g custom poi knobs have a great feel, and can hold over 10 washers for additional weight if desired. Come in 6 elemental theme colors designed to match your glitterbomb poi heads:

  • Air: Silvery translucent
  • Earth: Lime green body & orange top
  • Fire: Bold red body & orange top
  • Love: Punch pink body & pure white top
  • Water: Aqua blue body & silvery translucent white top
  • Rainbow: red + orange + yellow + green + blue (printed to order)

Leash diameter / knob washer hole size

Element knobs are designed to accommodate 2 standard leash diameters (see tech specs) and best accommodate different washer sizes. You can choose from washers optimized for 6mm diameter cord or 11mm diameter cord. Knob washer kits available here

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