capsule handle shell


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Convert your capsule lights into capsule handles with these super customized 3D-printed shells!

The all new capsule handle shell replaces the previous modified crystal case + knob with a complete redesign that gives you superior durability, modularity, ease-of-use and a built-in weighted knob for comfort. Perfect for gunslingers, tosses and string manipulation. Plus, no need to remove the case to charge your light: simply line your capsule's charging port up with the slot and plug your cable in!

Features custom geometric art deco designs by Sean and Prisna that makes them beautiful whether your lights are on or off.

Sold individually.

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    • designed by flowtoys & 3D-printed by our friends at Prop Box Approved
    • single-unit shell with protective sheath for capsule light & built-in knob handle
    • translucent X filament provides beautiful diffusion and superior durability & handling
    • futuristic, crystalline artwork throughout shell
    • convenient charging port slot allows you to charge your lights without removing from shell
    • easy to install, designed for standard 6mm leash cord

    Capsule handle shells are designed to best accommodate 6mm smithy cord through the leash opening, but are also compatible with flowcord and j-lace. If you want to install phatty cord, 11mm static rope or other larger diameter cord to your capsule handles, you can drill out the leash opening.