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clava lamp
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Clava lamps make a sublime mood light for any room and occasion, and an amazing gift for any juggler. Plus you get to own a piece of vision club history.

They're special and limited at this price, as they are made with upcycled parts, including vision club boards and shafts from the beta releases of vision clubs, and buttons from old capsule lights. The club knob, handle, body and the 3D-printed charging base are brand new, so it's super clean on the outside.

Clava lamps have specially developed firmware with modes designed for ambient lighting - the modes match those of vision clubs and the radio works, so you can connect, synch and control your clava lamps with a capsule remote or your vision clubs. The clava lamp has no battery and runs directly off USB.

Because it is made with upcycled parts, has no battery, and does not need to handle the rigors of juggling, you get to own a piece of flowtoys history and illuminate your pad for much less than the price of a vision club.

Tip: You can leave your clava lamp on 24/7. It only draws 1-2W and you won't wear out the LEDs. 

Sold individually. Not suitable for juggling.

1-week lead time: Clava lamps are made by hand in small batches. We ask for a 1-week lead time before shipping. 

What You'll Get

Comes with:

  • 1x clava lamp
  • 1x micro USB charging cable

Note on USB power: Low-quality or under-powered USB adaptors can result in buggy behavior. The clava lamp draws up to 1A (1000ma) and runs directly off USB power (it has no battery). Most USB power adaptors, power banks, laptop or desktop USB jacks, or "car-chargers” should work fine, but some might not. We offer a decent wall adaptor as an option. 

Features & Tech Specs

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  • 4/30/2021

    Absolutely love this lamp!

    I never thought I could love a lamp, but I can't stop playing with the settings on this, I love it so much, it's got so many settings, sound and touch reactive ones included, it's honestly the coolest lamp I've ever come into contact with and it was well worth the buy!

  • 4/23/2021

    New breath of life

    I absolutely love these lamps. Tons of presets. Noise reactive settings are super neat and respond well. The idea behind the creation of these lamps melts my heart. What wondrous adventures they must have been through, bringing Joy and love to so many people. It’s like a cherished gift that comes with sentimental value from the start. I am proud to carry on the love and light these lamps have already created and share that with those around me. Great work guys and gals, you rock my world! PLUR