elements poi knob handles - single


Dress up your poi with these fancy, 3D-printed elemental knobs! Custom made for flowtoys by PropBoxApproved, these knobs are soft and squishy for super comfortable poi play.

Choose from 6 colors, and select your leash diameter - 6mm or 11mm - to ensure a good fit for your leashcord. We will include the max number of washers for your cord size. Please feel free to tell us if you'd like fewer washers:

  • For 6mm cord knobs: 10 washers max,~38g
  • For 11mm cord knobs: 12 washers max, ~34g

2 week lead time: Element knobs are made in small batches, and the rainbow knobs are only 3d-printed to order. Even if you order with Express shipping, your knob(s) may not leave our factory until 2 weeks after you order it! If you are in a rush, please contact us before ordering. We'll respond quickly.

Sold individually.

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    Elemental color options:

    • Air: Silvery translucent
    • Earth: Lime green body with orange top
    • Fire: Bold red body with orange top
    • Love: Punch pink body with white top
    • Water: Aqua blue body with silvery translucent top
    • Rainbow: Red, orange, yellow, green, marine blue