flowcap w/ vision adaptor


Behold the universal flowtoys cap - compatible with all flowtoys light units and clicks in securely to all your flowtoys tubes.  This flowcap has a pre-installed vision adaptor and is compatible with vision staffs, batons, chucks, dart and wand.

The vision cap adapter snaps in place and remains inside the cap when you twist the cap off to charge.

Sold individually.

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  • Description

    Easily press your vision light core button and access all the awesome modes of the flowOS through the integrated recessed button on the end of the flowcap. Engineered for optimum performance, modularity, ease of use, comfort and beauty, the flowcap has a thick and durable silicone shell that seals out dirt and moisture, adds mass to your flow, and cushions your prop and your head on impact. 

    This flowcap comes with a pre-installed "vision cap adaptor", a soft 3D-printed part that enables your flowcap to interface with vision cores, providing a durable cushion that holds down the circuit board and enables the button to be pressed through the cap. The flowcap has internal buttons that snap securely to holes in flowtoys tubes, and releases with a firm twist.

    • Capsule compatibility: If your capsule came in a pod, you will need to remove the C-ring from the capsule light & remove the vision adaptor in order to insert it into the flowcap.
    • Check capsule o-ring: If your o-ring is missing/torn, you will need a new o-ring.
    • Flowlight compatibility: If you are using flowlights, you will need to replace the vision adaptor with a flowlight adaptor.