knob-leash :: smithy (pair)

knob-leash :: smithy (pair)
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Silicone uni knob handles + super durable, no-stretch, supple 6mm smithy cord = leash system developed for optimum poi-formance.

Sold as a pair.

What You'll Get

Each pair of knob-leashes comes with:

  • 6mm cord with extra length for custom adjustment + washer attachment for podpoi / capsule-based poi installation
  • 2x silicone uni knob handles
Features & Tech Specs


  • comfy knob handles enable you to do tosses and quickly switch to one-handed moves
  • easy to adjust and find the perfect leash length for you, while keeping the leash streamlined and free of obstructions - great for wraps, and other moves that find themselves catching or tangling amidst hardware and knots
  • designed for easy & quick installation to podpoi and other capsule-based props, featuring a washer attached at the poi head end

6mm smithy rope leash

0.25" (6.5mm) 12-strand braided polyester rope, specifically designed for poi, darts, puppyhammers and other tethered props. It's supple and has better abrasion and sunlight resistance than nylon and MFP ropes used in many other props. It won't shrink, has lower stretch, and higher breaking strength. It can be cut with scissors, and you can melt the ends to prevent fray.

Knob-Leash Compatibility

These leashes are set up for podpoi or capsule-based props, with a washer attached at the poi head end. If you are using crystal poi or other non capsule-based props, you can cut off the washer, or contact us directly for knobleashes without washer.

If you cut the washer off, melt the ends with a lighter to prevent fray.


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  • 8/9/2022

    Just what you need to renew the old podpoi

    I bought to replace the leash of my old podpoi (v1) , and the new style of leash feels good, the knob is a welcome change that gives me more grip options (I had flowloop handles) and still fits the grip style between the knuckles that I had.

    It was easy to replace the old one and adjust the length.

    The only thing I'm missing is the steel swivels, but I realize it's less suited to a "contact style".

    Good product, just what I needed to renew the old podpoi.