linked cord connector kit


This kit comes with 2 cord connectors each with a loop of paracord that you can link together to create a strong, secure flexible connection between any 2 flowtoys tubes, for a variety of props, including chucks and tri-sectionals. 

Each cord connector is a custom 3D-printed cylinder with a unique anti-pinch tapered top, designed for flowcord, paracord and other ~ 6mm cord to be inserted through the connector and secured with a washer and finished knot.

The (loop-halved) length of each paracord connector loop is a standard 4.5", but you get 3' of extra paracord to customize the handle to your preferred length. Some assembly required.

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  • Description

    Comes with:

    • 2x cord connectors w/ pre-installed chuck loop + washer
    • 4x hex screws
    • 3' extra paracord
    • hex key

    Note: These new 3D-printed cord connectors are black in color and a different length from the previous clear polycarbonate connectors. If you need to match the older style connectors, please email us at