pod shell

pod shell

Made of silicone, end-weighted and soft on impact.

Best known as the podpoi's protective casing, the pod shell's main function is to house capsule lights to create a beautiful poi head or ambient light.

Sold individually.

What You'll Get

You'll get:

Features & Tech Specs


  • If used as a cap on tubing, note the pod shell attaches with a friction fit.
  • Does not include tri-ring - needed for closing the top of the shell when used in podpoi.
  • Does not include capsule c-ring - needed for secure capsule attachment.
  • If you ordered capsule lights in a pod shell, they would already have C-rings.
  • If your capsule lights came w/ flowcaps, they would not have C-rings.

Tech Specs

Weight: ~88g


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