short tubes: 1F to 4F


Get different length tubes to convert your flowtoys into other poi, staffs, martial art tools and more. 

Tube lengths are determined by the number of flowlights, capsule lights and/or connectors they hold.

  • F = flowlight, e.g. a 2F tube holds 2 flowlights. F does not stand for feet!
  • C = capsule light, e.g. a 2C tube holds 2 capsules
  • 0.5F = if using staff connectors - 0.5F for each half that goes into a tube
  • X = space for a compression connector - if you're getting a tube for a composite staff end, you'll want a 'CX' or 'FX' tube

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  • Description

    Made of polycarbonate, the strongest clear plastic available, the tubes are custom extruded to very tight tolerances so that flowlights and all caps and connectors fit into them. 

    We finished all edges and punch holes at both ends enabling all flowtoys caps and connectors to click securely into the tubes.