stealth string pack

stealth string pack

Since inspiring the contemporary levi-wand movement with our first flow-wands in 2002, we have been paying close attention to the needs and desires of the top wanderers and advances in materials science, and we have found the best balance of properties in this particular braided black UHMWPE (aka Dyneema) string, we call “stealth string” available in 2 sizes, depending on your needs: 

  • 0.44mm (70 lb test) for short-string lightweight flow-wands: super durable yet extremely supple and nearly invisible in many lighting conditions. 
  • 1mm (300lb test) for long-string, contact, and heavier wands: provides a great balance of thickness for comfort, and thinness for great handling, easy twisting and untwisting, and relative invisibility. 

What You'll Get

Each string pack comes w/ 18' of string. 

Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) is commonly used in synthetic tow lines, high-performance fabrics and bullet proof vests. it is highly abrasion resistant, up to 15 times stronger than steel and 40% stronger than aramid (fireproof) fibers by weight. Basically, it’s super strong, but more importantly for our use in wands, stealth string is supple, very abrasion resistant, low stretch, smooth, easy to tie and melt, and the color will not bleed. 

NOTE - NOT FOR FIRE WANDS! For a fire wand, you need fire-resistant string. Kevlar works, but wears down easily. Technora aka “Shadow Cord” is much better, though still not as durable as UHMWPE aka "stealth string”. Check your string for wear before every use!

Features & Tech Specs

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