Wes Peden Glow.0 LED juggling balls

Wes Peden Glow.0 LED juggling balls
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Yessss! Good quality, usb rechargeable, 70mm LED juggling balls at a sweet price. Plus they are endorsed by juggler extraordinaire Wes Peden, who was voted #1 in the top 40 jugglers of the year 10 times.

Produced by our friends at Fun in Motion, these "Wes Peden Signature Series Glow.0 Juggling Balls" feature 2 LED lights for a brighter and more colorful juggling experience. You’ll have control over selecting all the beautiful color options, or customizing your light modes. Plus they have 2 brightness settings for performance or extended battery life.

"The Glow.0 Juggling balls are the perfect weight, size, and grip! I love being able to juggle any color I want with the click of a button while still having a high-quality ball that works perfectly for my favorite tricks. I highly recommend them to jugglers of all levels!"

Wes Peden
Professional Juggler

What You'll Get


  • Dimmable LED juggling balls 
  • 20 light modes with a customizable mode
  • Two lights for extra glow
  • Soft & squeezable  
  • Filled with clear pellets for even weight distribution 
  • Durable shell protects against drops 
  • Rechargeable with USB (included)
  • For beginner to advanced jugglers

Micro USB rechargeable: These glowing juggling balls are fully rechargeable with USB. Enjoy up to 9.5 hours of battery life. Triple-headed micro-usb charging cable included.

Cleaning tips: If your juggling balls need cleaning, you can use rubbing alcohol or warm water + detergent. Avoid submerging them completely and make sure to keep water/alcohol from getting into the USB port. 

Features & Tech Specs

Diameter: 2.72"/ 69mm
Weight: 4.23 oz/120 grams


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  • 4/4/2023

    So good we bought 3 sets and gifted a 4th

    This was my second set of LED Juggling balls, and I will continue to purchase these if I need more. They have a great selection of patterns, plus one customizable mode.

    The balls have a really good weight, they feel great in my hands and they are VERY durable. I'm still learning and I drop them on my tile/wood floor very frequently and they haven't changed in performance at all.

    The rechargeable battery lasts for a long time, especially if you dim the light setting. It also was a major upgrade on my last set of LED's. My last set ended up "breaking" because the battery compartment became dysfunctional.

  • 2/7/2022

    Easy to use, durable, rechargeable, good look, great price.

    I’ve been using these on and off for months. The size and weight is great for numbers and smaller hands. Finally we have an affordable, durable and rechargeable glow ball! Perfect for beginners. Their interface is a tad clunky compared to what I know and love from flowtoys, but they’re easy to use, without many bells or whistles. No remote or anything, so you can’t sync them, and have to change modes and turn them on and off one by one, but most modes look fine out of sync anyway. As a pro juggler, I don’t use these in my show for various reasons, but will always have them with me to let others try juggling and will be what I recommend to the juggling-curious folks who want a cool glow ball without the investment.