club saucer

club saucer

Ever wish you could quickly put your vision clubs down during a streetshow or stage performance, have them stand up perfectly to create illuminated stage props ... then be able to pick them up again to juggle? Or use your vision clubs as ambient lighting in your home without fear of them falling over? Now you can with the club saucer :)

In response to user feedback, club saucers now come in grey instead of black, so they’re easier to spot on stage! If you’d like black, please feel free to reach out for a custom order.

Saucer sold individually, club not included. 

1 week lead time: Club saucers are printed in small batches. Even if you choose Express shipping, your club saucers may not leave our factory until a week after you order them. If you are in a rush, please contact us before ordering. We'll do our best to make magic happen. If they are out of stock, feel free to contact us and we can ping you when we have more.

What You'll Get

Custom designed and 3D-printed by flowtoys to hold most juggling clubs securely, while allowing you to pick it up quickly. Perfect prop accessory for street performances, stage shows and home lighting.

Features & Tech Specs


  • 120mm base
  • 27mm height
  • 51mm top hole
  • 42mm bottom hole

Weight: 44g

Material: rigid PETG


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