double windsinger special

double windsinger special

The flow awakens with the double windsinger!

Move, wave, dance and wield this cool new prop to feel a sonic sensation like no other.

A simple and elegant design, the windsinger comprises a wooden handle attached to a fiberglass shaft, clear elastic bands and rubber connectors, with a movable cross-guard that allows you to adjust the pitch of the sound the windsinger makes.

Some assembly required. Some color variation in wood and connector pieces.

Sold as as a pair with included windsinger connector.

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What You'll Get

This epic double windsinger bundle includes:

  • 2x windsingers (some assembly required)
  • 1x windsinger connector - a custom-modified polycarbonate tube designed to hold 1 windsinger hilt each end

Note: Windsinger does not light up. It makes amazing sounds and feels like a lightsaber would :)

Features & Tech Specs


  • save money with this double windsinger special and feel the flow with a super sweet double-ended windsinger staff!
  • combine 2 windsingers with the included connector - a polycarbonate tube modified by hand in-house to snugly hold 1-2 windsinger hilts for twice the wubs!
  • sounds epic and feels amazing to play with alone or as pair
  • it's truly the lightsaber's sonic sister! 

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