flowchucks: 4-flowlight FS


Welcome to the world's favorite LED nunchucks, and the top prize for the annual freestyle World Cup. 


  • great feel - very comfortable cord
  • flowlight-FS - many colors and modes - infinitely adjustable
  • modular rig
  • durable - rechargeable - lifetime warranty

This set of flowchucks comes with flowlight-FS. You can also use capsule lights, or remove the flowlights and flowcaps and make poi, staffs and many other rigs.

Sold as one set, as shown in the photo. Some assembly required. 

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  • Description

    Comes with:

    • 4x flowlight-FS
    • 2x 2FX tubes with secure screw-in cord connector and pre-installed chuck loop + washer
    • 2x silicone flowcaps w/ flowlight adaptors
    • 4x rechargeable NiMH AAAs
    • 4x hex screws
    • 3' extra paracord
    • 1x hex key
    • 1x 4-bay charger
    • endless hours of practice, play and performance

    Note: While the modular system enables us to create an illuminated prop resembling nunchaku, these are not traditional nunchaku. They are a toy designed for object manipulation and play, not a weapon. Regardless, the legality of nunchaku is questionable in some states - please check local regulations before purchasing.

    Modular system possibilities: Flowlights and caps are highly modular and interchangeable. Twist off and add them to poi and staff rigs. Save money and get to play with many different props! 

    Note: These rigs come with new 3D-printed cord connectors that are black in color, which may differ from previous models. Please contact us at if you need to match your older chucks.