pod sleeve

pod sleeve

Want to add more weight to your contact staff, vision poi or vision dart? Or simply like the look of pod shells on the ends of your tubing-based flowtoys? 

"Pod sleeves" enable you to use pods as caps on the ends of your tube-based props, keeping the pod petals from flapping during use, making it more streamlined, and adding extra weight.

Sold individually - you'll need 2x for a contact staff.

What You'll Get

This order comes with 1 pod sleeve. Pod shells and c-rings (for capsule-based props) are sold separately.

Pod sleeves were conceived by flowtoys elf Samwise Clark as a means for spinners to have pod shells on their tubing-based props, especially vision poi. While peops have been able to use pod shells for their tube-poi and contact staffs for many years, we've not made the option widely known or available, partly because pod shells are a friction fit and do not securely attach to the tubes like flowcaps, and partly because the pod petals can flap around and get caught on things during use. 

Sam came up with the pod sleeves as a solution, and they work brilliantly for any tube-based prop where spinners might want the added weight, and/or larger light diffusion. They work especially well for vision poi, vision darts and contact staffs.

  • If you already have pod shells and capsules with C-rings, you'll just need the pod sleeves to complete your conversion. 
  • If you are converting capsule-based props, darts or contact staff with flowcaps, you'll need to get pod shells - remember to add C-rings. They attach to your capsules and help secure them to the pod shell.
  • If you are converting vision props, you'll need to get pod shells and vision pod adaptors.
Features & Tech Specs

Pod sleeve dimensions: 115mm x 60mm

Weight of pod sleeve: 31g

Weight of pod shell + sleeve: 123g


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