flowtoys saber options

Vision Saber, LED Light Saber, Laser Sword, Glow Sabre, Contact Sword … a flowtoys vision saber by any other name would feel just as sweet! We offer several saber variants with different balance points and weights to suit your style:

Martial saber: Designed to be used like a traditional sword, with the balance point on the blade near the handle for powerful swings.

Flow saber: Designed for dance/flow style the balance point is at the handle, so the blade feels weightless for ease of movement.

Contact saber: Designed for contact-staff style moves, with the balance point near the middle of the extended handle.

Saberstaff: Modular rig comprising 2 vision martial sabers and a handle - you can easily disconnect the blades from the martial sabers, attach them to the handle piece and voila a saberstaff!