club handle


Replacement or spare handles for your vision club! These are custom made b Henrys for flowtoys vision clubs and will not work for day clubs w/ wooden handles.

Sold individually.

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  • Description

    Designed for the flowtoys vision club and made by Henrys in Germany to flowtoys' specs, this handle is slightly more flexible and forgiving than wood, but far stiffer than other plastic shafts. It feels completely solid and durable.


    • made by Henrys in Germany to flowtoys' specs
    • water resistant (not submersible)

    Warning about replacing club knobs - required to replace handle:
    In order to maximize the amount of light near the knob, the screw is very short and can easily be stripped out. Please be careful to use great force when screwing the knob in (you read that right - use force). You should be pushing it in hard, while screwing so it does not act like a drill. Be sure to screw it in deeply/firmly, so it does not easily rip out during use. 

    Minimize how often you replace the screw/knob. It is not intended to be swapped out frequently. While we have had success with 20+ replacements, it will eventually wear out the hole and the club will need to be sent in for servicing.

    Please ONLY use the screw that comes with the flowtoys club knob - other screws may be too long and may drill through the circuit board and damage the top LED. Please note that we cannot warranty your board in full if this happens.