crystal poi lite v2 w/o lights


Designed for glowstickers, stringers and spinners who enjoy fast and light-weight poi, crystal cases provide padding for body wraps and protect flowlights from hard impacts, while diffusing the light and making them appear brighter. Now with the all new 3D-printed crystal case v2!

Featuring "j-lace" - selected by glowstringers after testing countless samples for the perfect lace for stringing. Solid and flat, not hollow, with zero stretch for precise and consistent handling, this silky-smooth weft-knitted, polyester ribbon is supple and durable. At 0.5mm thick x 9mm wide, it’s wide enough for comfortable handling without being bulky.

Sold as a pair.

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  • Description

    Comes as a pair with:

    • 2x crystal case v2s to house your flowlights
    • 2x silky black 'shoestring' style lace for glowsticking
    • lots of fun times

    While flowlights are durable, a hard impact can break the shell in or outside of cases. We recommend that all flowlights spun as poi are protected in at least a crystal case or our other flowpoi casings. These cases also enable you to add flowmass to your poi heads

    Facets in the crystal line up with the button to enable you to feel the button in the dark. Plus you can activate and change the modes of your flowlights without having to take them out of the crystals.