We're so excited to start offering these 8-pointed spinning stars! They've been around for years in Europe and are a relatively new prop in the US. They're weighted for spinning, tossing, manipulating and discovering new ways to move and play, which is totally what we're about. Plus they are super portable :)

FlowStar is a new brand of spinning cloths, we're excited to launch with. Their design is durable and has a good heft for learning and playing outdoors on windy days. Choose from 2 designs: tunnel vision & galactivation (see pics for details). 

What You'll Get

Origins: 8-sided spinning cloths originated in Barcelona. Created by Tai Dapero who was inspired by hacky sack, flairtending and frisbee, the original spinning cloths are known are dapostars. The first dapostars were square in shape and evolved to 2 overlapping squares facilitating stability, giving rise to the 8-pointed star shape we see today.

Features & Tech Specs

Length: 25.5" from point-to-point
Weight: 330g


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