Flow toys, props & tools


Poi spinning is possibly the most popular of the flow arts tools, and many have entered the world of exploring movement through this wonderful artform that originated from the Maoris of New Zealand. Sometime in the mid-1990s, poi dancing evolved in various pockets around the world among modern-day tribes of fire dancers and jugglers. Skills and techniques were shared in person and often through travels. The advent of Youtube enabled skill-sharing and learning to happen instantly across the world, and propelled the artform, pushing the envelope of what was possible and creating new flow frontiers for exploration.

As many pockets of spinners as there are in the world, there are even more varieties of spinning styles and techniques as poi users learn from and influence each other through workshops, travels and the internet. Tech poi focuses on technical ability, continually pushing the limits of what can be done with 2, 3, and even 4 poi, often using math and geometry to describe the maneuvers. Poi dance focuses on rhythm, grace, style and enhancing your dance with poi as a prop. Contact poi combines poi spinning with rolling and stalling the poi head on various parts of your body. Partner poi brings 2 or more poi spinners together, interweaving their poi in synchronized rhythm.

The variety in types of poi are also innumerable - ball poi, tube-shaped poi, tail poi, sock poi, heavier, lighter, longer, fire and of course glow poi.

Flowtoys produces the world's favorite glow poi with a range of poi heads to suit every spinner's style.


Flow-wand: The magic is in the movement

Mesmerizing, captivating, wow! These are just a few words that have been used to describe the flow-wand levitation stick. 

First inspired by a magician-juggler's dancing cane, Flowtoys developed this traditional magic prop for dance, meditation, play and good ole rocking out with. 

The flow-wand is beautiful, versatile, crowd-pleasing and addictive, plus it's easy to learn. 

Once you've mastered the basics of short string wand, you can progress to long string wand, double wand or contact wand - all styles of wand that are engaging and fun.

Staffs, batons & sabers

There's nothing like spinning a stick around! It's one of the most intuitive and ancient forms of object manipulation that people around the world have evolved for self defense and expression.

Flowstaffs were the original flowtoys, born of Sean's pursuit to make the perfect pair of affordable light-up staffs for himself and his friends. While Sean prefers dancing with double staffs, there are a myriad of ways you can play with a staff. 

Many begin with single staff spinning, baton twirling, or are inspired by kung fu movies. 

In recent years, the flow arts world has fostered a vibrant and growing community of contact staff and dragon staff spinners, staff jugglers, and multi-staff manipulators.


Martial flow

Martial flowtoys evolved from tools that were traditionally developed for combat and defense. While defending oneself from physical threat remains a motivation for many who take up martial arts, many others enjoy the artform for its fluid movement, physical challenge and mental discipline.

We have coined the phrase "martial flow" to acknowledge the inspiration that many weapons-based martial arts, such as staff, sword, rope dart and nunchaku, have given us in terms of movement meditation and self-cultivation, while featuring the element of finding flow as a modern inspiration for learning how to move with such tools.

Martial flowtoys are traditional martial arts equipment that we have redesigned and illuminated for dance, play, martial arts display and creative exploration of movement.

More flow tools

Poi, staffs and wand are just the beginning. Hoops, fans, contact balls, clubs, dragon staffs, swords, cubes, buugeng ... the list of flow props goes on. You can basically play with any shape or object and find your flow with it.

The best flow props are ones that you enjoy and have fun with while challenging yourself. Many concepts and muscle memories translate between flow tools. Like learning languages, once you learn a prop, it's easier to learn another. Like languages, learning to play with instruments of flow opens up your ability to communicate and connect with new worlds. Enjoy!